The spell of a fragranceto design your identity

The persuasive force of an essence opens the doors to hidden universes, made up of unconscious sensations, desires and enveloping memories: designing your olfactory logo means revealing the identity of your brand through the senses and turning it into an emotion able to overcome the rational. An unforgettable journey, which wins over and convinces with no need for words.

Surprise with multi-sensory experiences

Evoke moods and actions

Build deep

Olfactory branding Express your sensorial identity

An ad hoc creative process
Your values, your history and your brand's unique personality: identifying them allows you to communicate them effectively.
Your olfactory signature
The nuances of your brand identity are incorporated into an exclusive and irreproducible fragrance.
The high-tech diffusers
Your olfactory logo spreads through your spaces thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art diffusers.
The olfactory collection
Luxurious objects that tell the emotion-rich story of your olfactory signature: to furnish with style, and strengthen bonds.
Find outthe richness of olfactory branding
The sense of smell has incredible evocative power: it empathically communicates with emotions, recalls distant memories and intensely creates moods and states of mind. Precisely because of their ability to interact with the unconscious, fragrances are the key elements of olfactory branding: a new way of defining your brand identity, positively influencing perceptions and buyer behaviour.
Imagine the notes of your olfactory logo
The creation of a customised olfactory logo allows you to incorporate your identity, values and message within a pyramid of notes with vibrant emotional nuances. A bespoke perfume can communicate your brand, tell its story and whisper its secrets, carving out a privileged space in the emotional memory of your customers.
Get inspired by our best case studies
The vast potential of olfactory branding is now appreciated by brands in the most diverse market segments: indeed, a persuasive sensorial imprint revolutionises the entire customer experience, subtly but decisively influencing their relationship with the brand. Explore the fields of application and our case studies, to start dreaming up your own personal branding project.
Trust the Scent Company's experience
Our core business is the creation of olfactory emotions that translate your brand identity into a distinctive fragrance: we can design your fragrance, distil it in our laboratories and install diffusion systems that maximise its expressiveness. The Made in Italy craftsmanship, cutting-edge technologies and a network of partners that extends all over the world have made us international leaders in the olfactory branding sector.
Be amazed in our Experimental Hub
A space where you can experience new sensations thanks to the use of essences and where you can bring olfactory suggestions with an inimitable design to life. The Experimental Hub is a dreamlike space where you can release the power of scent and turn it into pure art: let yourself be guided by Master Perfumers, Marketing Specialists and Fragrance Experts and discover our live events.

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For you, we gather the best stories and stimuli from the world of olfactory branding, to tease your mind and senses. 

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