The sanitation systems

To guarantee the safety and the hygiene is a duty and a moral obligation for Hotels and Retail Stores. Ozone is a safe system which allows you to guarantee the safety and hygiene of both your guests and personnel.

 It is a natural element found in nature, made up of three oxygen atoms. It represents the safest and most effective method against viruses, bacteria and bad odours.

 The power of ozone to sanitize air, water and surfaces is due to its ability to break down the cell membranes underlying the vital integrity of bacterial cells. It acts against fungi, microbes, viruses, pathogenic agents, salmonella, dust mites, shield bugs, insects, fleas, ticks and lice by completely breaking down into oxygen within 30-60 minutes from use.

 Our ozone machines are often used in combination with our scenting solutions, as they allow to sanitize the ambiance during the night and scent the same space during the day.

 Thanks to our advanced technology, we are the only company that can offer both solutions to our clients.


Being a highly unstable molecule, Ozone has a high oxidizing power ant it is able to break down non-biodegradable complex organic compounds. As it completely breaks down into oxygen, it does not require any elimination treatment.

  • It SANITIZES closed environments
  • It REMOVES odors
  • It ELIMINATES bacteria, fungi and molds
  • It INACTIVATES viruses
  • It REPELS insects
  • It BREAKS DOWN organic matter
  • It PRECIPITATES metals, calcium, magnesium and arsenic
  • It DISINFECTS clothes and footwear