Olfactory Branding for Events

Make your Event unforgettable with olfactory marketing

Scenting is emerging as the essential element of event branding, helping to create a personal and unforgettable experience. Olfactory marketing is the last frontier of emotional communication.

A perfume for your event? Let us help you with our experience in olfactory branding

After a careful analysis of your brand, Scent Company will work towards the creation of your olfactory logo. The result will be a fragrance that reflects your brand’s main characteristics and values.

Thanks to the power of the fragrance, your event will remain in people’s minds and will improve your brand perception.


Scent Company not only supports you with the creation of your fragrance, but will also analyse in details the best solution to diffuse the scent during the event to obtain the optimal performance.

We will propose a selection of fragrances that reflect your brand values, either by selecting one of our in-house fragrances or by creating a bespoke version.

After reviewing the space to scent, we discuss with our clients the best solution to diffuse the fragrance. We then support you in every step of the process: from the installation to the disintallation of the scenting systems.