Armani Casa Signature Scent : a smell of gold clouds and precious woods

We continue our travels around the world thanks and through new olfactory branding projects. One of our last stops was in Miami where we have completed the scent system (through installed hidden professional scent diffusers) inside the Armani Casa store, at Miami Design District.

We trust that that the scent of a space is as fundamental as its décor because smell is really a key factor in human behaviour. It can influence mood of people, interact with their sensibility and connect them with an emotional response. Finally, with a signature scent like the one of Armani Casa scent (diffused through professional hidden scent diffusers in store), is able to connect customers directly with the brand identity’s heart and the personality of the Armani world.

We really love Armani Casa signature scent:  spicy and woody with deep incense notes, enriched very particular components like Vetyver of Haiti or Angelica Seeds of France. It is a scent of dreams and oriental thoughts, of unveiled spells and night seas.

A smell of gold clouds and precious woods that accompanies us in the discovery of one of the most prestigious brands of the Made in Italy.

10Armani Casa Signature scent is an olfactory dream which lies within the niche scents and the “new luxury”. Nowadays luxury does not consist in being expensive but being researched, with quality characteristics, originality, authenticity and relative rarity. All these things are obtained by working with traditional methods, dedication, passion and care.

The choice of the olfactory logo of a brand, is a key step, a grip of conscience, that every luxury brand should face, because it is just our smell to leave an indelible mark in the memory of our customers or guests and to give the right chord to the melody of the brand’s personality.

4_personalized fragranceDo you truly want to capture the smell of the magnificent Armani Casa brand?

Simply setting foot in the Armani Casa scented stores will take you on an olfactory journey like no other. 

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