The Smell of a Place and of a Brand. How a Bespoke Fragrance influences clients in store


Smell is one of the first senses that awakens in a baby and guides its movements through its first days in the world. No sense has so strong a power of suggestion and imagination, the power of calling up ancient memories with a wider and deeper emotional reverberation, while at the same time no sense furnishes impressions which so easily change emotional color and tone, in harmony with the recipient’s general attitude.

A good smell or a perfume is also a source of joy.

A perfume exponentially increases the quality of our days because it gives us a ray of sunshine without expecting anything in return. A perfume invites us to stop for a few minutes, to enjoy the present moment, to slow down our run.


Every place has a particular smell. Petrol and jasmine is the smell of Los Angeles. New York is chestnuts and hot dog stands, especially in winter. Hong Kong smells of soy sauce and weed. The Carribbean of grass, ylang-ylang, frangipani and oleander (text from Richard E. Grant founder of Jack fragrances).

What about the smell or the perfume of a brand and the places where it lives?

With an olfactory branding project, the intent is to create a very pleasant smell that recalls the experience of a brand, that tells  its identity and remains indelibly in the memory of clients.


Last August 2019, we completed the first olfactory branding installation for Bally, at the store in Via Montenapoleone Milan. The installation involves the implementation of hidden scent diffusers inside the store, that diffuse the ambient fragrance tailored for the brand. This is an ambient perfume that tells the story of Bally and remains indelibly in the memory of its clients.


A scent identity is an own-able piece of intellectual property, harnessing scent to influence commercial decisions or cultivate a mood and ensuring that the store experience covers all five senses. 

The fruity and citrus opening builds on a solar accord with apricot, bergamot, black currant, mandarin and ylang ylang. This is followed by a fluid, poetic melody, as if the nose has been plunged inside, with jasmine, magnolia, freesia and patchouli. The scent progresses towards a crown of crystalline musks, amber and a hint of zagara.

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