Exploring the rise of Bespoke Fragrances for Luxury Hotels

Personalized perfumes for Luxury Hotels are an all-time peak. There is no aspect of beauty and charming regime inside a luxury hotel more personal than a Signature Scent. For those on the hunt for a truly unique scent to be diffused inside the structure, the solution lies in the olfactory branding.

For very luxury olfactory experiences, there is no one-fits-all formula. The aim of scent branding is to design your own individual essence that better represents the brand, the place and the feeling to convey to guests.

With The Four Seasons Hotel of Tunis we have worked to capture and present the hotel’s story through scent, offering the clientele a far more enriching, meaningful and human experience.

The Olfactory Branding Project for the wonderful Four Seasons Hotel in Tunis

The Scent Identity of the Four Seasons Hotel Tunis

Each note makes us travel with the mind, takes us back in time to the history of Tunisia, one of the oldest and most beautiful lands in the Mediterranean.

The initial citrus notes of the fragrance are as sparkling as the breeze that suffices on the Tunisian coasts, on which the Hotel overlooks.

The heart notes are warm and enveloping. They include oriental notes that recall the history of the many people who landed in Tunisia, sailing in the Mediterranean.

The notes of vanilla and jasmine represent the DNA of the composition to remind us of the romantic nights in Tunisia, surrounded by the smell of jasmine at nightfall.

The small white flowers of this plant release their romantic and sensual aroma after the sun set. Jasmin is the symbol of purity, authenticity and love and is ambassador of beauty; it is the witness of the history of Tunisia and its culture. Jasmine is Tunisia’s national flower and was introduced to the country by Andalusians in the 1600s. 

Finally the white musk, the amber, the benzoin and the Tonka bean accompany us towards the infinite, reminding us of wonder.

The Signature Scent is diffused inside the Four Seasons Hotel Tunis through hidden high-tech scent diffusers in the hall and in the lobby to transmit the brand and scent identity immediately at the guest’s arrival in the structure.

The Four Seasons Hotel Tunis Lobby scented with the custom Signature Scent
The Four Seasons Hotel Tunis Hall is scented with hidden high-tech scent diffusers, spreading the Signature Scent made-to-measure for the luxury hotel

To learn more about how Scent Company can help distinguish your Luxury Hotel from others, please contact us  – Scent Company, Bergamo – Italy info@scentcompany.it Tel. +39 035 720880

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