A bed of fruits and flowers: this is the signature scent of Flou Milano showroom

Which is the scent identity of Flou, the Italian brand which is famous all over the world for the extremely high quality of its sleeping systems?

Recently, Scent Company has dealt with the olfactory branding project for its showroom & flagship in Milano – Viale Regina Margherita. We have designed two different floral and fresh ambient scents, for the 500 square meters space. These are diffused in the environment through Enjoy Sensitive, the external scent diffuser with a column shape.

For the creation of the two scent identities we were inspired by the image of a person who begins his day by opening the windows and shutters of his house and gets an energizing and meditative air from his garden. In the same way, we wanted to create an olfactory scenography that reminds, through the sense of smell, the softness and comfort of Flou products, sought worldwide by lovers of “good sleep” and quality furnishing.

In particular, Classic Linen fragrance is a refined olfactory expression of a garden of fruits and flowers.

The overall effect is at once energizing, fresh and soft. It’s the kind of thing you spray everywhere because it manages to be both distinctive and unobtrusive. The fragrance falls across the sheets and the fabrics of sofas, armchairs and the other Flou accessories in a soothing, fine mist.


The Classic Linen fragrance contains aldehyde-floral and fruity notes. The aldehyde-fruity notes are noble synthetic molecules that give off a pleasant and fresh breeze of flowers like jasmine, rose, iris and lily of the valley. Chanel n. 5, created by Ernie Beaux for Coco Chanel, was the first fragrance in history to contain aldehyde notes.The fruity notes enhance the color and the vivacity of the olfactory composition infusing character with their juicy vitality.

Classic Linen opens with fruity and energizing notes of peach, strawberry, black currant from Tasmania and the flowery notes of the Rose of Turkey and the Brasilian rose wood. Immediately afterwards the lily of the valley, the Italian violet, the jasmine of Indonesia and the woody and spicy notes of cinnamon and the cedar wood of Texas envelope you. Finally the sweet breeze of the aldehyde-flowery notes meet the sweetness of Madagascar’s vanilla and the sensuality of white musk.


Perfume is an indispensable element of everyday charm. It has always been loved by the general public but also by companies in the interior design and architecture fields which use it as a tool to express their personality and brand identity.

Scent Company is the Italian company able to enhance the modern luxury experience for business enviroments, creating the right EMOTIONAL engagement, communication and and space through the power of feelings evoked by the truly tailored lovely signature scent.

Scent Company creates the exclusive signature scent for your brand; then installs the diffusion systems in the branded environment gently filling the space with the exclusive tailored and made-in-Italy fragrance. The emotions of the signature scent can be incorporated into a tailored scented collection and marketing material to sell or to give as gifts.


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