Good night, sleep tight with the Good Night’s Sleep Mist

In many cultures, the gift of perfume is an honour worthy of the gods, as well as one’s guests.

Honoring the guest is a priority of every luxury hotel. This is why we have designed a special perfumed gift – The Good Night’s Sleep Mist, to be used as a ritual inside the hotel room.

The relaxing essences like lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, rosemary and citrus notes have been proven to be effective at creating a relaxing and revitalizing sensation, conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep.

The Good Night’s Sleep Mist affects on mood and well-being of guests of the hotel, calms the atmosphere and promotes relaxation inside the room.

Spray the mist before going to bed and the fragrant molecules will fall softly onto linens.

Breathe in, breathe out, relax…

Let’s now explore some fragrances that make Good Night’s Sleep Ritual magic, delivering benefits to sleep and mood, affecting the body and the mind of guests of your hotel.


This is the most popular fragrance for sleep and relaxation. Lavender also has sedative effects, meaning it can work directly to help you fall asleep. A number of studies point to lavender’s effectiveness for sleep: improving sleep quality, increasing sleep amounts, and elevating daytime alertness, including in people with insomnia.


The sweet scent of vanilla is appealing to many people, and it has a long history of use for relaxation and stress relief

Vanilla is associated not only with warmth, softness and caring, but also has connotations of purity and simplicity. It is generally associated with positive childhood memories- sweet treats and rewards, ice-cream holidays, innocent pleasures.

Vanilla fragrance makes you calmer. A study at Tubingen University in Germany showed that vanilla fragrance reduced the startle-reflex in both humans and animals. The animal results indicate that the calming effects of vanilla may be due to some more essential property of the fragrance than the positive childhood associations.

Medical experiments have shown that vanilla fragrance reduces stress and anxiety.


Rosemary is part of Green scents, which are sharper than the florals, more outdoorsy and sporty, calling to mind meadows, green grasses, and leaves.

It is associated with feelings of contentment and it has been shown to have positive effects on mood.

Rosemary stimolates imagination and helps to have vivid dreams.

Try to smell with your imagination now. Image the sensation of ripping up a couple leaves of rosemary, then of smelling your fingers and enjoying the sensation of a cool, sunny, garden in the middle of summer.


Eucalyptus minty, bright and fresh scent are for Mindful Stress Relief.

Eucalyptus is a plant that originated from Australia and has a minty fragrance. This aroma is great for relieving stress. Eucalyptus can also increase energy, brainwave activity (by reducing mental fatigue), and relieve muscle and joint pain. Its notes may help some people fall asleep more easily, while others may find these fresh, bright scents are relaxing, cooling, refreshing and with stress release effects.



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