If you had to describe Greece with a smell, what would it be? “Jasmine with honeysuckle”

Today, we want to introduce our partners Christodoulos Tsaousis, owner of the Greek company e-Contract  & Agni Malliou, owner of Agni Malliou  Interior Design studio in Athens. They are the exclusive distributors of Scent Company for the Greek market.

We recently sat down with Mr. Tsaousis to discuss his passion for our industry and perfumes, and to get some indications on the olfactory market in Greece.

Can you describe your experience with Scent Company and the olfactory projects you have already completed in the Greek market?

Representing Scent Company in Greece is an exciting experience in the world of perfumes.
The response of the Greek market has been very enthusiastic and we completed many interesting projects, including hotels, spas and retail stores.

The Five star Aqua Luxury Suiteslocated in Santorini Island, which was recently announced as Europe’s Luxury hotel of the year 2019, trusted our proposals by adding a Talco relaxing scent to their lobby. Furthermore, they completed the scenting experience with a full amenities collection for all suites.

Hotel Fresh in Athens is another client who trusted Scent Company’s services for their signature scents.

Two new projects are in progress for al2, a design brand offering unique, high-end furniture and also for Matt Royal,a handcrafted mattresses company with two stores in Thessaloniki – Greece and two in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah and Riyadh.

What is the competitive landscape in Greece and how is the olfactory branding  perceived?

We recently noticed an increasing interest by entrepreneurs interested in strengthening their brand by adding a signature scent. This definitely gave us confidence that the market is ready to recognize the importance of olfactory branding and the related scent memory that lasts more than any other sense.

There are some other companies that offer scent solutions in our country. But we found in Scent Company the best partner, who is able to offer complete solutions and be competitive on every level.

Smell really is transporting. Seeing, heating, touching, tasting are just not as powerful as smelling, if you want to go back to a specific memory. What is your personal relationship with smell and perfumes?

Perfumes always challenged me to find a story behind them. Since I was a child, I was attracted to the smell of books. Every book for me had its own special smell, sometimes it reminded me of wood, biscuit or shutter. I was reacting to the different scents: my father’s newspapers, my comics, the books of the library or the books after the summer vacations smelling of sunscreen. I just recently read an article of British researchers supporting that the smell of a book can reveal the where, when and how it was created and if and where it travelled.

Is there a place in the world you particularly like the smell of?

Once I travelled to Tenerife and I found myself in a small village called Erjos. I will never forget that special smell of pure fresh air mixed with the fragrance of tagasaste trees.

What is your first ever olfactory memory?

My first olfactory memory was the smell of thyme in Cyclades. Floating land, the land of Cyclades, squeezing between two, nodding herbs smells, that the Aegean wind stirs with the sea salt. It was only then, when I first visited Mykonos at the age of ten that the smell of thyme was so intense, that now it still tickles my nose and take me back there wherever I smell it!

Is there a smell you cannot live without?

I can’t live without the smell of the sea wind mixed with sea salt.

As an entrepreneur, what does perfume represent to you?

To me perfume represents the key to enhance interior spaces. Decades ago, architects considered lighting a luxury. Today, it is a central design element.
Now, we can clearly see the new trend. The use of perfumes is gaining ground. Scent marketing is more than a nice perfume in a space. A perfume has the ability to influence behaviors and to turn on memories instantly. The result can only be happy clients remembering your brand for longer.

Is there a smell that particularly represents Athens and the city where you live and were born?

Althoughjasminecomes from China, some of its varieties travelled to us from the Arabian countries to give us a taste of 1000 and 1 nights. Jasmine has become one of the most beloved plants of the Greek gardens. I was born and have grown up in Athens, and I dare to say thatjasmine withhoneysuckle could easily represent my hometown. Its traditional neighborhood either in Plaka or in north/south outdoor cinemas, bring us back to sweet summer nights.

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