Increasing Hotel Travelers’ Satisfaction Through Olfactory Marketing

When you think about ways to bring in more hotel guests, you probably think of things such as offering upgrades or a free breakfast. While these are great options, however, there’s one little-known tactic that can really help boost travelers’ satisfaction. 

The secret to improving customer satisfaction and increasing hotel quality like never before is through something called olfactory marketing. This unique marketing strategy is a great way to get more guests in the door for longer periods of time. 

So, if you’re interested in boosting your customers’ experience at your hotel, it’s high time you learned about olfactory marketing. Here’s what you need to know about this unique marketing strategy!

What is Olfactory Marketing?

Olfactory marketing is marketing based on our senses. It uses certain scents to help trigger customer behavior and create positive emotions around your business’s brand. 

In this type of marketing, it encourages clients to associate specific fragrances with good memories. This in turn creates a positive association between the brand and the scent. When the person smells that fragrance, they think of the brand in a positive way.

The reason that olfactory marketing is so important is that our sense of smell produces more emotional reactions than our other senses. In fact, smell is also the sense that has the biggest impact on memory and unintended actions.

Part of this is because the nose can identify more than ten thousand different scents. In contrast, a person can only visualize two hundred colors. Combine that with the fact that people can easily associate scents with memories and you have a recipe for imprinting your brand in customers’ minds. 

How Scents Are Used in Hotels

Now that you have a better understanding of what olfactory marketing is, it’s time to take a look at why having a custom fragrance for your hotel is such a good idea. 

In hotels, scents can be used to give guests a feeling of familiarity. People who stay at the hotel on multiple occasions will become familiar with the scent of the hotel and will look back on positive memories that took place there. 

On top of that, scent marketing has been shown to create positive experiences for hotel guests. Studies have shown that:

  • Over 90% of hotel guests’ stays were positively impacted by a pleasant aroma
  • More than 65% of hotel guests stated that the scent of a hotel impacts how relaxed and patient they feel
  • Just under 70% of hotel guests said that the scent in the hotel lobby affects their perception of the hotel’s brand

With such positive feedback from guests regarding the smell of the hotel, it’s no wonder that developing custom scents is becoming a must for hotel marketing.

In Scent Company we have some great examples about olfactory marketing applied to hotels. All of them are already taking advantage of these and are really succeeding include: 

Each of these hotels is using custom scents to set their hotels apart. And, they’ve had incredible results! Hotel guests have reported positive experiences and increased guest satisfaction thanks to the olfactory marketing in these hotels’ lobbies and rooms. 

The Benefits of Olfactory Marketing for Hotels

Olfactory marketing provides hotels with a number of benefits. While you already know about a few, the reality is that there are plenty of reasons why your hotel can benefit from using custom scents

Boost Guest Satisfaction Ratings

One metric that’s hugely important for the success of hotels is their guest satisfaction rating. The higher rating a hotel has, the easier it is for them to fill their rooms and get loyal guests. It also helps improve their online presence by providing strong online reviews. 

When hotels employ a solid olfactory marketing strategy, guests are more likely to leave a positive review. The scent of the hotel leads them to a better experience in the lobby and during their stay overall. 

Create Positive Customer Perceptions

The way your hotel is perceived is huge. It’s what creates positive impressions on your customers and encourages them to spread the word about your hotel and come back for another stay. 

Custom fragrances can create a powerful brand identity that sticks in customers’ minds and develops positive associations with your hotel. It’s also a way of encouraging positive emotional responses to your hotel and your brand.

Develop a Welcoming Atmosphere

One of the biggest influences on guest experience in hotels is the atmosphere. And, typically the atmosphere is created the minute a guest steps through the hotel doors. 

Using custom scents in your hotel lobby can help you create a welcoming space. It can help reduce stress levels as people wait for their turn to be checked in or out, improving your overall guest experience. 

Set Your Hotel Apart

Did you know that there is such a thing as an olfactory logo? That’s right! This is a custom scent that is created specifically for a certain business or brand. 

With olfactory marketing, you can set your business apart and create brand notoriety. Your brand will begin to be known by the way that it smells when customers walk in the front door. 

Create a Feeling of Cleanliness

We subconsciously associate certain smells with cleanliness. We know that the smell of garbage means a space is dirty and that the smells of fresh linen or dish soap indicate a space that’s clean and tidy.

Improve Travelers’ Satisfaction With Simple Scent Marketing Tactics

Getting your guest satisfaction ratings up and improving your overall customer experience can be tough. However, by implementing olfactory marketing, you can start improving travelers’ satisfaction during their stay at your hotel. 

If you’re ready to start creating custom scents that help your hotel fill its rooms, the team at the Scent Company is here for you. Contact us and let’s craft a scent that encompasses the magic of your hotel. 

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