Le Parfum Villa d’Este: your gateway to an olfactory enchantment

The grand revolving doors of the Villa d’Este Luxury Hotel on Lake Como are your gateway to an olfactory enchantment. Close your eyes and experience the luxury Parfum Villa d’Este for man and for woman, exclusively designed by Scent Company. Le Parfum is commercially-available at the boutique of the Luxury Hotel together with the ambient scent collection.

Villa d’Este Luxury Hotel on Lake Como

villadesteimmagini_scentcompany_luxuryhotelThe history of Villa d’Este dates back more than 500 years when Cernobbio was a little village. The historical complex of Villa d’Este became a luxury Hotel in 1873, and since then ranks among the most prestigious destinations worlwide. In June 2009, Forbes Traveler reckoned it the best hotel in the world while in 2008 it was listed as the 15th best hotel in Europe and 69th best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine.

This famous resort destination has been widely praised for its beautiful gardens, exquisite cuisine, gala celebrations, impeccable décor and extraordinary hospitality. Most of the guest rooms, as well as the corridors of the several buildings, are decorated with antique furniture, paintings and artwork, which give the hotel a palatial atmosphere. Every single room is unique and unlike all the others, as each one differs in size and décor.

Of particular interest, in addition to some of the interior decorations, are the gardens with the magnificent mosaic and boulevard leading to a niche where with an impressive statue of Hercules awaits the passers by and where it is possible to discover and admire the enchanting views on the Como lake.

The Hotel Luxury Perfume for man and for woman


Villa d’Este Hotel has decided to create a customised perfume to please more than just the eyes of their guests and not only.

Scent Company had the honor to create Villa d’Este Fragrance for man and Villa d’Este Fragrance for woman, giving life to a balanced ensemble that has the power to transform the meeting with the luxury and exclusive hotel structure into a multi-sensory experience.

Le Parfum Villa d’Este is a truly noble, distinguished perfume of timeless elegance, capable of embracing you in the feeling of a voyage through the beauties of Italy and bringing you back to one of the most unique luxury locations worldwide.

Just close your eyes and escape.

Guests can find Le Parfum Villa d’Este in the hotel gift shop and, as the revolving doors embrace travellers from all over the World, the subtle perfume welcomes them to a home away from home.

Fragrances are processed in the olfactory cortex in the brain’s limbic system, next to the areas where emotion is processed and memories are stored. This makes scent memories among the most powerful, emotional and lasting of all human memories.

When Villa d’Este’s guests will experience the perfume at home, they will associate it with the extraordinary hotel they have stayed in, with Italian beauty and with the events, people, breathtaking sights, places and emotions of their journey.

Discover Le Parfum Villa d’Este for man and for woman, the scented candles with the olfactory logo of the hotel and all the scented complements at the Villa d’Este Gift Shop.

Villa d’Este scented candle brings an elegant, soft and convivial atmosphere to your house. This elegant fragrance come in equally attractive glass container, so decorative and traditional and perfumes and decorates your house for the pleasure of all.


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