LOVABLE SCENT IDENTITY: the olfactory expression of UNIQUENESS

Hanes Italy, owner of the Lovable brand, is part of the Group HanesBrands Inc., the first world’s player working in the basic apparel sector listed on the NYSE. HanesBrands boasts leading brands in the innerwear categories (underwear and home wear) or activewear (sportswear), including Lovable, Hanes, Playtex, Wonderbra, DIM and Champion.

Hanes Italy, the innerwear business unit, is based in Bergamo – the heart of the company R & D – and operates nationwide through all the main sales channels. The most important brand is Lovable, which since 1962, has contributed significantly to innovate the Italian underwear industry.

Lovable is distributed in all the main sales channels of underwear: it is present with 130 Lovable flagships and is distributed in 6000 independent stores throughout Italy, in major department stores and online at www.lovable.it

Some flagships incorporate a scent branding strategy, with the diffusion of an ambient fragrance designed to measure and exclusively for the brand from Scent Company.

Leading brands like Lovable partner with Scent Company to transform and complete their brand communication strategy and deepen brand loyalty through an exclusive emotional engagement.

Lovable Scent Identity can be now enjoyed throughout every Lovable brand experience.


Smell is a powerful brand language that communicates the brand identity and is able to create an emotional space for the brand’s clients.

Fragrances are as “souls” that bring to mind certain dreams, awaken memories and carry out to fantasy world.

As Baudelaire said “When I take with me the scent of your arms and of your hair, I also take with me the desire to return to them”.

A fragrance therefore facilitates the experience of ecstasy by breaking down physical and temporal boundaries. It is a form of trascendences in which travel, dreams and memories become merged.

Scent Company creates for brands artistic fragrances and unexspected accords to accompany them towards imaginary journeys of the mind and the senses across olfactory landscapes.


No person is like any other and everyone can enhance their uniqueness: this is the belief that Lovable wants to convey through the new advertising campaign “The Strip”, conceived and created by Publicis Italia.

The new spot is an invitation to discover the best part of us, our uniqueness.

Only when we value what makes us unique, we are really beautiful.

Lovable, thanks to its know-how, knows the needs of today’s men and women, offers them the right product able to enhance their uniqueness with style and elegance.

Developed with the executive creative direction of Bruno Bertelli and Cristiana Boccassini and directed by Francesco Calabrese, the film launching the new positioning of the brand is an invitation to free ourselves from beauty stereotypes to make room to our uniqueness.

LOVABLE SCENT IDENTITY: the olfactory expression of uniqueness

The fragrance is the olfactory expression of the uniqueness of a person who is made up of a combination of contrasting elements that make his/her unique.

The signature scent is an unusual combination of floral notes, precious woods, white musk and vanilla. A scent that has that appeal and that fascination that comes from the encounter of unexpected elements, from a game of contrasts that has the ability to make it unique.

A debut with a floral alchemy of Turkish rose, geranium from Egypt, lily of the valley and green notes that mixes in the heart with a combination of precious woods like the wood of Guaiac, cedar wood and the Vetyver of Haiti. Finally a lively and delightful touch of white musk and vanilla in the sillage.


Rose absolute, congenial and unthreatening, blends in the composition without dominating. One of our favorite varieties is a full-bodied and voluptuous rose from Turkey that has a staggering beauty and complexity. Rose absolute has the ability to smooth the rough edges in a blend and make a perfume more harmonious.

Guaiac Wood

Guaiac Wood is one of the hardest and most resilient woods in the world. It is an exotic wood note that has tar-like, phenolic facets, imparting smoky, tarmac notes in perfumes. Coming from the Palo Santo or Tree of Life tree is very popular in niche perfumery.


The power of musk as an aphrodisiac is legendary. The empress Josephine loved it, and her dressing room was filled with it despite Napoléon’s frequent remonstrances. Forty years after her death the scent persisted.

White Musk is intertwined to the fascinating and colourful islands of Madagascar, that are a symbol of the sweet vanilla tones.


Scent Company is an olfactory branding and fragrance diffusion expert, using its unique technology to revolutionize how fragrances are experienced. Lovable signature scent is diffused in strategic areas of stores through hidden high-tech scent diffusers, made by Scent Company with an exclusive technology and a remote control system.

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