Making the Scent of your Next Event!

Scenting is emerging as the latest essential element of event branding. It is the “invisible” investment your event just might need.



As potent as it can be, smell is often the most neglected of our senses. We search for visual beauty and take care to arrange our business spaces in a way that pleases the eye. We seek out new music to be played. We never think about the olfactory implementation or enrichment in an event space, even though some of life’s most exquisite pleasures consequently elude us.

“It is easy for us to take our sense of smell for granted, because we exercise it involuntarily: as we breathe, we smell”– Mandy Aftel

Various writers have described the sense of smell “the sense of imagination”, because no sense has so strong a power of suggestion, the power of calling up ancient memories with a wider and deeper emotional reverberation.

Scent reaches us in ways that elude sight and sound but conjure imagination in all its sensuality, unsealing hidden worlds. A whiff of a particular or familiar fragrance, and memories surge into consciousness on a sea of emotion, transporting us.



When you think about ambient fragrance, think of it in the same terms as you do your closet. Just as there are different outfits for different occasions, you should also have an ambient scent that suits your next event, trade show, fashion show, or exhibition.

Scent can capture the attention of your audience and create and an inimitable and universally understandable olfactory scenery.

  • For example, in case on fashion show, the custom olfactory scenery can be designed focusing on the key elements of the collection, to accentuate them through the scent.
  • Or when launching a new product during an event or tradeshow, a custom scent diffused in the space, helps to further communicate the vision of the brand and the key elements of the launched product.



This is our invitation to connect with the magic of fragrance, to feel, to imagine and to start your event’s sensory journey.

  • Scent Company offers custom designed scent solution packages for events and tradeshows: scent stand design consultation, development of a signature fragrance for the event and technical installation available for tailored setup.


  • It is also available a short-term rental of the easy to use stand-alone scent diffusers for self setup at your own booth or event, like the Enjoy Sensitive, a practical mobile system with a column shape, easy to transport.



Companies today are paying ever more attention to scent marketing and olfactory branding experiences, due to their indisputable praise at international level, especially in the world of Luxury.

In a world where everyone lives and identifies through digital experiences, brands have developed scents that are subtle, unique and brand appropriate.

Building brand identities via the expanded sensory repertoire has become a necessity because when clients do visit the physical store, hotel or SPA and events the brand experience needs to be a memorable one!


Information source: Aftel, Mandy. Essence and Alchemy: A Book of Perfume. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of scent & olfactory branding, contact Scent Company today. We are experts at experiential and sensory marketing for events, retail and hospitality and we are happy to help you create a rich and stimulating experience your customers will remember.


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