Building your strong self with the Olfactory Branding

The Luxury Branding has gone beyond with the Olfactory Branding, through which a tailored and targeted signature scent is diffused and placed harmoniously in a branded context of interior design, just like a piece of art.

Poets and writers throughout the ages, have speculated about the emotional sensations aroused by smells and recounted as they cause ample memory flights and a cascade of emotions.

The language of odours acts on a less frequented channel – the emotional one – and therefore it is more receptive and immediate. This is a peculiarity that is certainly exploited in communication: this makes it much more eloquent and more convincing than words, motivating the purchase of a product more incisively, intimate and seductive.

Appealing to this extraordinary power of odors Mr. Süskind, author of the famous novel The Perfume (1985), writes that “The scent has a more compelling persuasive power of words, appearances, emotions and will”. After all, you can not resist the perfume and there is no way to oppose its penetrating power.

These are the reasons that most contributed to the success of olfactory choices for the new frontier in Branding, the Olfactory Branding.

Scent Company has decided to lead in the olfactory branding field with a sartorial attitude, “Sewing” tailored ambient fragrances for branded interior design.

“We create an intimate relationship with our customer, to understand and then interpret, in an olfactory sense, the values and image of the brand, the interior design mood and the cascade of emotions we want to arouse within the space to be scented.

What distinguishes us is our innate ability to find and shape in an olfactory sense, the poetry and beauty cherished in any place, transforming anonymous views and business spaces into real olfactory scenery”

For more information on how to create your own signature scent, visit our  Olfactory Branding page or please, contact us

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  – Scent Company, Bergamo, Italy–

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