The secret scent of The Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo

Buddha-Bar has incorporated a scenting project within its Monte-Carlo facility as a strategic secret key, to create an emotional bond with clients.

All 5 senses are now involved. Taste, sight, touch, hearing and finally the sense of smell, thanks to a sensual but fresh personalized ambient fragrance with aquatic and musky notes.

A scent that fits perfectly with the mood of the place. It is not just something nice but something guests want a repeat experience.

The olfactory world is extraordinary, hidden, invisible, magnificently mysterious; it surprises and intoxicates us and unlike the other senses, it excites and “enters” inside us without asking permission.

A perfume, like the scent identity of Buddha-Bar, awakens in us pure evocations, which are hard to be described and impossible to be forgotten.

An unforgettable experience

Since its establishment in 2010, Buddha Bar has swiftly become one of Monte-Carlo’s finest eateries. Capturing the signature flavours and quintessential essence of Asian cuisine, the menu sources inspiration from China, Japan and Thailand. With the added punch of French gastronomics, the dishes are flavour-packed taste sensations which will delight diners with a love for eastern cuisine.

Buddha Bar’s refined fare is perfectly complemented by the palatial venue. Set in the old Cabaret de Monte-Carlo, the building still retains its baronial theatre ambience, with lofty ceilings, original gilding and elaborate chandeliers.

The addition of Asian motifs, dim lighting, and rich scarlet upholstery has given the space a lounge-style setting, while the colossal statue of a meditating buddha nods to the venue’s namesake.

Brand identity: arricchiscila con un logo olfattivo personalizzato

Dipingi di nuove sfumature la tua identità di brand, attingendo alle più avanzate conoscenze del neuromarketing.

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