Niido Nashville luxury Residential Building, powered by Airbnb, is now scented with its own Signature Scent

A Fragrance has the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness of people and reach them in ways that elude sight and sound but conjure imagination. The language of smells acts on a less frequented channel – the emotional one – and therefore it is more receptive and immediate. This makes it much more eloquent and more convincing than words.

For this reason, there is no better way to welcome a potential buyer or a tenant of a luxury high-rise or apartments building with a scent tailored to the place or with smells that recall familiar and welcoming environments or gourmand accords that bring to mind the warmth of the family nest.

Enriching the atmosphere at the entrance of the residential building, the lobby, the common areas and the single apartments with a custom signature scent, conveys a sense of luxury and comfort but also of uniqueness.

SCENTING Airbnb – Niido first branded apartment complex in Nashville

Recently Scent Company has created an olfactory branding project for the Airbnb – Niido first branded apartment complex in Nashville.

The residential building is a mix of short-term rentals and full-time homes, with common areas like the rooftop lounge with views of Nashville, a gym with a climbing wall, a pool, coworking spaces,  a 3,000-square-foot communal space with a stage called “The Collective,” where Airbnb host concerts and Experiences.

At this link is a very interesting presentation of Airbnb Niido Nashville by Condé Naste Traveler.

The entrance of the building is scented with a tailored scent to welcome residents and new Airbnb tenants. As well, single apartments have a line of amenities branded Niido Powered by Airbnb.


We are surprised and thrilled to discover this ambient fragrance at the entrance of Airbnb Niido Nashville building; it instantly awakens in us a feeling of wellbeing.

One sniff and we are plunged into a typical Tuscan Villa with delicious citrus notes mixed with a black pepper note. Also, we have used our inspiration to create a magic veil of sandalwood in the base notes.


Scent Company creates the olfactory identity tailored to the luxury high-rise. The signature scent is used for the diffusion through professional fragrance diffusers, with a remote control, both stand-alone and HVAC-connected units, at the entrance or in the common areas of the building; and incorporated into a custom scented collection (with rattan sticks diffusers, scented candles, room & linen sprays, body mists) and  a line of in-room amenities for the single apartments.

Start your journey to the olfactory branding project for your apartments building.

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