Rinascimento Scent Identity: a fragrance that transports you to a bed of blooming orchids

Scent Company has recently completed the olfactory branding project for the made-in-Italy fashion brand Rinascimento, designing a scent identity which enhances the mood of the shopping spaces and representing perfectly the brand identity.


If the woman is polyhedral, mother, free, committed, with a strong personality, emancipated, elegant, kind and generous, who never gives up and believes in her dreams, a fragrance was needed to tell her story.

So, inspired by the sovereign image of absolute femininity, we have designed a bouquet of delicate bloom, that of the orchid that intertwines with the French violet, the Marigold from South Africa with an intense herbal and fruity note, with the Jasmine of Egypt and the Vanilla of Madagascar. A cascade of flowers and of sweetness enhanced by the sensual white musk and patchouly.

This is femininity told by Rinascimento with this certificate of fragrant elegance that transports you to a bed of blooming orchids.

The ambient scent is like a “book of a hundred leaves unfolding.  It lets you feel “desired, sophisticated and sensual” and if anyone can provoke such emotions through the act of putting on a fragrance, you can bet it’s Rinascimento signature scent!

That is, it can be comprehended only by visiting Rinascimento’s stores now scented with this special custom ambient fragrance. From today enter inside Rinascimento stores and try to smell with your imagination.

Rinascimento Signature Scent from Scent Company on Vimeo.


The signature scent is diffused in strategic areas of stores through  high-tech scent diffusers, with an exclusive technology made by Scent Company and a remote control system.


Perfume is an indispensable element of everyday charm. It has always been loved by the general public but also by Fashion Brands like Rinascimento, which uses it as a tool to express the brand personality and identity through a new medium – the sense of smell.

Fashion brands are trying to stand out and recover the most authentic dimension of personalization. They define the shopping experiences with the maximum of personalization also in the choice of ambient fragrance, because this makes in-store experiences full of emotions.

Scent Company enhances the modern experience of fashion brands, creating the right EMOTIONAL engagement, communication and space inside the shopping space, through the power of feelings evoked by the truly tailored lovely signature scent.

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