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scent-branding2Scents have a way of evoking powerful emotional memories and vivid cases of déjà vu. And quite often these are of memories that we have completely forgotten about and are of distant times gone by. Back in our childhood, our first olfaction experiences naturally tend to be of warm skin and vanilla mother’s milk.

Children have an ability to smell and taste before they even come to the world. Immersed in the amniotic fluid and in an environment rich in smells and flavours, the baby soon establishes an olfactory dialogue with the mother, taking also contact with her food preferences which are obviously influenced by cultural habits. Experiments conducted revealed that early in life babies seek and recognize the mother, more precisely the smell of her breasts, her neck and her milk (which is very similar to the amniotic fluid).

The baby is then in direct contact with the body of the mother and very soon, placed on her back or on her side, will follow all her domestic operations: from the culinary, rich in aromas, to those relating to washing, which have with specific smell.

No doubt there is the presence of an “olfactory dialogue” between mother and son and smell is a key element in creating a bond that is forever.


scent-retail-kids-newbornStudies, research and information like these concerning the sphere of olfactory memory linked to childhood were taken into account for the design of olfactory branding projects dedicated to fashion brands for kids or the areas of department store dedicated to kids wear.

In particular, for the area concerning children’s clothing of an important department store, Scent Company has created a custom fragrance named “Maman” and containing spicy and gourmand notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Child is typically fascinated by the olfactory notes that recall the kitchen of his home; this is the place where he feels at ease because there is the presence of his mother who is cooking for him. Kids and many adults love notes like vanilla and all spices because that convey a feeling of comfort and tranquillity and of “being at home”. In particular, cinnamon represents “the journey of a thousand miles to reach our doorstep”.

IMG_4806_webFurthermore, for the scenting of Il Gufo stores Scent Company has designed a special signature scent to fit the identity of the brand dedicated to clothing for children and newborns. The focus was on the smell of talc a mother uses with the newborn during the washing operations. Il Gufo olfactory journey starts with the sweet and relaxing notes of Neroli, Bergamot and Orange, and then continues with heart notes that harmonize the delicate and luminous accent of Lavender with the candor and the innocence of the Lily of the Valley, the discret and elegant perfume of the Violet and sensual and inebriating taste of Jasmine. White Musk, Vanilla of Madagascar and Brazil’s Tonka Bean complete the olfactory pyramid with the richness and the depth of their olfactory notes.

Looking for an exclusive ambient scent and a luxury scent branding project? Scent Company Italian fragrance designers and skilled artisans can create a unique olfactive experience for your flagship.

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