Scent Company and Migone 1866

Scent Company is the official sponsor of the event of Migone 1866, organized in Florence to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the long-standing Florentine company.

Scent Company is honored to scent some rooms dedicated to the event through the Enjoy aroma diffusers and a special fragrance which is tailored for the manifestation. Learn more at the following link

migone-cereria-firenzeIndustria Ceraria Migone, the long-standing Florentine company, has decided to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a special retrospective of the company’s cultural heritage and family history: from the past, with prints and old photographs, to the future, with “Migone dal 1866”, the new range of scented candles specially conceived for the anniversary. The retrospective is flanked by an educational project realised in conjunction with the Porta Romana Art High School in Florence to underline the strong link between the Migone family and the city.It is a competition involving about 200 students specialising in different subjects at the institute, and their teachers.

The best projects and most interesting creative ideas will be awarded on 9 September at an event at Pitti Fragranze, which will see a round table discussion on the subject of artisanal heritage and a multi-sensory performance in the art institute’s striking plaster cast museum.

Here, guests will discover “Rosantico”, one of the 5 top fragrances from the scented candles and home fragrances range conceived for the 150th anniversary, handmade using exclusive methods.

An absolutely unique and exclusive collection, a bouquet of sensations that will reawaken the allure of age-old Florentine atmospheres. Learn more at the following link

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