Scent Diffuser: Types, Uses and How It Works.

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite meal from childhood. You are probably thinking about the way it tastes and looks. However, without even realizing it or trying, you can also smell it.

That is the power of scent memory. Fragrances can transport us back to a particular time and place in an instant. It probably did not take long for you to imagine sharing that meal with your family as a child and for it to feel like you were around the family table again. 

You can harness the power of scent in your business With a signature scent, your customers will relate your aroma to your business, which builds your brand.Just like the scent of your favorite meal is part of the identity of your childhood, a signature scent can become part of the identity of your brand. Let’s dive into how scent diffusers work and why you need one for your business.

How Do Scent Diffusers Work?

A diffuser scent from perfume into the air in a fine mist. The scent particles evaporate into the atmosphere and fill the whole space with a lovely aroma. 

Studies show that scent creates a calming effect and even has the power to impact emotions through the olfactory system in the brain.

It can also transport us to a completely different time and place. For instance, when you walk into a bakery and smell fresh pies baking, you may instantly think about your grandmother who you baked pies with as a child.

Scent can also root you to a place. The smell of cherry blossoms may take you back to springtime in Japan, or the scent of a specific wine may take you back to a villa in Tuscany.

Simply put, the scent is powerful. Why should you use the power of scent at your hotel or retail space? Diffusing scent into the air will immediately make your guests and customers feel more at home.

They will feel welcomed and soothed, and they will connect those feelings to your business. Essentially, you can use scent to build your brand identity. Whenever your customers smell your unique scent, no matter where they are, they will think of your business. 

Types of Scent Diffusers

There are several ways to diffuse perfumes, from at-home systems to professional commercial diffusers. At Scent Company, we offer multiple professional scent diffuser options, so you can find the diffuser system that’s right for your business. Each one is effective, easy-to-use, and made in Italy.

Here are our scent diffuser options:

1. Remote Control Diffusers

We have two remote control scent diffusers for hotels or other large spaces. This option connects to your HVAC system, and you can control it with a remote control device. They are compact and quiet, and they offer the most consistent scent distribution.

The regular remote control diffuser is perfect for big spaces like a hotel or spa lobby, department store, and more. 

For an even larger space, the Remote Plus has a great scenting capacity. It works the same way as the regular remote control diffuser, so it’s a convenient way to scent a large public space like an event venue. 

2. Enjoy Sensitive Diffusers

We also have two types of sensitive diffusers, which are professional-grade mobile systems that use evaporation technology to gently disperse aroma.

Instead of connecting to your HVAC system, it is a beautiful column-shaped scent diffuser that is easy to transport anywhere. They are perfect scent diffusers for retails. 

The first type, the Enjoy Sensitive, comes in dark grey, light grey, white, and black. It’s elegant and can match any interior design style. It’s extremely user-friendly and the scent coverage is perfect for a smaller hotel or retail space. You can also control the intensity of the scent and schedule diffusing times. 

The Enjoy Sensitive Lux operates in the same way as the Enjoy Sensitive. It comes in black, white, gold, and metal grey, so it adds an elegant touch to any space. 

3. Enjoy Mood 2.0

The Enjoy Mood 2.0 is the ultimate portable aroma diffuser. It uses micro-nebulizer technology to cover a large space with scent. It can stand on its own, hang from the wall, or connect to the air conditioning ducts.

Our customers love this option because it requires no maintenance and it’s easy to program. The setup is also extremely simple, so it’s our most user-friendly option.

The external cover of the Enjoy Mood 2.0 can even be customized upon request to match the interior design of your business.

Olfactory Branding with Scent Company

Like we said earlier, your signature scent can become a powerful part of your brand identity. Scent Company is an expert in Olfactory Branding, and we can create a custom perfume for your business.

A signature scent can revitalize your space. We work with the best laboratories in Grasse, France, and the best noses in Florence, Italy to customize a scent that is perfectly suited to your environment. 

Whether you want a perfume that is invigorating or calming, our experts can wrap up your entire brand identity in a fragrance.

Our fragrances are hypoallergenic and comply with safety regulations. They pair perfectly with all of our professional scent diffuser options, so it’s never been easier to transform your hotel or retail space. 

Transform Your Space Today

Not only will a signature scent build your brand, but it will also make your customers feel at home in your hotel, spa, or retail space. Get started with a custom perfume and scent diffuser with Scent Company today.

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