Innovative Scent Marketing tools in the heart of the historic Hotel Danieli Venezia

Lux, romance and art.  

Three words that are the symbol of one of the most romantic and visited cities of Italy. And it is precisely here that the historic Hotel Danieli resides, whose fame precedes it.

This is not a hotel like the others thanks to its location, in the center of the beautiful Venice, and its history, that goes hand in hand with the one of the city.

The hotel is not only praised for the historic architecture of its palaces but also for the precious art collection and antiquaries that adorn the spaces, perfectly blending with the comforts that come with a luxurious estate as such.  

The hotel is spread over three buildings whose names are Dandolo, Casa Nuova, and Danieli Excelsior.

 The former is considered the main building and it dates back to the 14th century when it was commissioned by the aristocratic family that gave it its name.

Palazzo Casa Nuova was once the city’s treasury, whereas Palazzo Danieli Excelsior is the most recent building, redesigned by Jacques Garcia.

When you enter the hotel’s doors, you’ll remain enchanted by the care and attention that the owners have for every detail of the environment, from the signature suites to the restaurant on the breathtaking terrace, since nothing is left to chance.

Scent company could not be more honored to create the perfect fragrance that gives the last touch to the perfect atmosphere of the hotel.

Thanks to the ambient fragrance made exclusively for the marvelous Hotel Danieli, anytime that a guest will sense the hints of the bespoke fragrance he will find himself in the warmth of the hotel room, cuddled by all the services provided, no matter how far from it they are located.

That is the power of smell, it makes you feel things that you thought were far away from you or gone.

Who wouldn’t want to go back to their panoramic room on San Giorgio Island, or the Grand Canal? To admire the fine decorations of the terrace or the antique Murano mirrors?

At the same time, all of the guests that will be lucky enough to reserve a room in this fabled palace mansion will be able to treasure the memories made during their stay and remember them with all the joy that made those days special.

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