Scent Marketing meets Junqueira Medical Clinic Dubai

The addition of personalized scent is not limited to luxury hotels, fashion retail flagships and spas. Scent marketing and olfactory branding field entered also in the luxury aesthetic surgery clinics and health care facilities to enhance patient experience and to lead the individual to perceive positively his or her experience. Ambient Scents can improve the Clinic sensory experience, gilding the “doctor’s fragrance” and put the patients at ease.

There are various studies which have introduced sensory factors into health care situations. Health care service is high in contact, the physical environment and the way in which operations are conducted by staff are essential to create a specific image of the institute and to develop the experience of the patient.

Atmospherics are found to influence the behaviour of both clients and employees. Much of the research has presumed a mediating effect of mood on clients’ cognition and behaviour. The manipulation of atmospherics cues can be constructed as an attempt at communicating a particular message to customers. Transferring this information to the medical context, the quality of the service encounter is affected by the quality of the medical care received from physicians and nurses, the individual patient-physician relationship, and the physical environment. Cues that allow patients to assess the quality of the medical service include: a rational organization of the spaces; an easy orientation to the living arrangement; cleanliness; temperature; noise; and the SMELL.

Several researches provide empirical evidence indicating the effectiveness of using ambient scents in a medical environment to enhance the experience and to create relaxing and stimulating scent environments.

Scent Company has recently completed the olfactory branding project for the Luxury Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Junqueira Medical Clinic in Dubai. The Clinic has been inaugurated today 06th June 2017. Dr. Junqueira has finally started the clinic to ensure working with luxury standards, offering only the best services to restore form and functionality for many satisfied patients.

Located in Galleria Mall in Dubai, the Clinic houses 7 fully fledged doctors’ rooms, lounges and reception/waiting areas spread over 400 square meters. Beautifully created, Junqueira Medical Clinic blends the clean and crisp elements of modern design with Arabian inspired serenity. The luxurious architectural design is based on traditional Brazilian wooden patterns with the lush green, garden themed spaces that instill a peaceful, earthy environment. The arches with gold metal finishing add the touch of luxury to the innovative medical clinic, reflecting calmness with a very unique ambience of a chic hotel. Blending simplicity and grandeur, the balance of white, gold and marble creates an almost clear, rich feel.


This is really a practical example how scent marketing can change the perception of a medical environment.

Hidden, remotely-controlled, state-of-the-art scenting equipment are diffusing inside Junqueira environment an exclusive signature scent we have designed to enhance patients and transmit the sensation of elegance, comfort, relaxation and freshness at the same time.

The branded fragrance is rustic green and floral. Three different green notes add a sharper freshness to a floral bouquet (floral heart notes), mixed with base notes of sweet Vanilla and sensual White Musk.

 Information source: Investigation of the Use of Scent in a Medical Service Environment - Maya Naja Université de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquées Libano-Française, ULF

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