How to improve the atmosphere in your office setting with Scent Marketing

Everyone’s dream is to work in a peaceful, comfortable and conveying working place. We spend most of our days in the office and the environment that surrounds us influences our mood but also our performance. With the average person spending over 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, the office is becoming a fusion of home and working place.

Through its diffusion,  the right custom scent  will instantly transform the four walls of your office into a pleasant and productive working space. 

A simple gesture that, in an invisible way, enriches the SOUL of the people who every day are committed to your company.

When employees feel good and love the company they work for, they perform better.

The diffusion of scents tailored to your company and office spaces can be done through professional hidden scent diffusers or with scented products like rattan sticks diffusers, room spray or scented candles.

Also, Scent Marketing in office spaces will allow you to craft the best first impression when important clients walk through the door. Suddenly the scent does the communication for you. 

Here a list of nice ambient fragrances which are able to improve the atmosphere in any office setting and to boost in performance. In addition, Scent Company is able to design a fragrance tailored to the company and office.

Lavender scent is highly advisable for high stress offices due to its calming properties. The minty fresh fragrance of peppermint stimulates the mind, give a mental boost and has a cooling effect. The sweet smell of rosemary helps lower stress levels and stimulates the mind, improves memory retention and relieving fatigue. Lemon scent is popular to relieve tension and anxiety.

Some case studies and experiements

Experiments have shown that exposure to pleasant fragrances significantly enhances the wellbeing of a person and the performance on work-related tasks.

In particular, arousing fragrances such as peppermint, which increases alertness, has been found to improve performance.

Some Japanese companies used citrus scent to stimulate their workers at the start of the day, floral scents to boost their concentration in the late morning and early afternoon; and woody scents such as cedar and cypress to relieve tiredness at lunchtime and in the evening. 

Some companies, wishing to minimise the shock experienced by their customers on receipt of an unexpectedly large bill, scent their unwelcome communications with vanilla, which has been shown to reduce the startle-reflex and to relieve stress and anxiety.

Information Source: The Smell Report – Kate Fox Director

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