Scent Marketing to celebrate QC Terme Christmas Cocktail 2016

QC TERME Milano chose FRAGRANCE LANA, with special notes of orange and cinnamon, designed exclusively by Scent Company, to surprise and inebriate guests of the QC Terme Christmas Cocktail 2016.

Scent Company had the pleasure of attending the event, which had a charming and sensory atmosphere, with winter scented notes in the air and a magical Christmas symphony orchestra of 30 elements.

The Fragrance LANA of QC TERME Fragrances Collection is also the perfect gift for Christmas time; it can be purchased at any QC Terme centres in Italy (8 centres and 1 million visitors a year), and through the QC Terme shop online.


Read the article dedicated to the event on Vogue.

This is the beautiful video presented during the evening.

A smile, a laugh, a sigh of well-being, a relaxing day. What is the value? Impossible to say. Certainly, however, each of these moments is more valuable than anything else.

Thirty seconds to remember what, today, is much more important to be than to have.


Looking for an exclusive ambient scent for your event? Scent Company Italian fragrance designers and skilled artisans can create a unique olfactive experience for your event.

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