If you had to describe Sweden with a Scent, what would it be? Fresh Air

Today we want to present an important partnership that has given us a lot of satisfaction. It is the collaboration with Robert Bromér, owner of the Swedish company Doft I Sverige AB, exclusive distributor of Scent Company for the Swedish market.

Robert contacted us two years ago, intrigued by our reality and our projects and with the right passion necessary to venture into the sector of the olfactory branding for the btob market. The company has succeeded in attracting various sectors in Sweden: the hotel sector (At Six, Best Western), large properties (Atrium Ljungberg), luxury cars (Porsche showroom in Malmö), Retail stores (Hemmakväll, COOP) Pets field (Dogman).

We interviewed Robert with the aim of bringing out his passion for our industry and for perfumes and finally to get some olfactory nuances of the country of Sweden.

Robert, can you briefly tell us about your business in Sweden dedicated to olfactory branding?

Our core business was mainly the supply to stores and hotels with sound systems and digital signages, and we have been quite successful in this market in Sweden. At a certain point, I realised that we were not in the business of sound or signage. We were in the business of “creating a better experience for the final customers”. I finally understood that we should have worked with an additional “sense”, more powerful and emotional, in order to provide another dimension of experience. I got in contact with a local scent marketing company. We worked with their products for a couple of years and we had several tests running in different locations. Most of the time we did not have a good success, since staff and customers complained about headaches and unplugged the machines. So I realised that this product was just not good enough and we had to either find another supplier, or leave the world of scents, even though I was aware that it was an important means of differentiation. To find suppliers of scenting machines was very easy but to find a supplier of top quality ambient fragrances was not easy at all.

Most companies wanted to sell the aroma machines and then it was like ”you can buy the scent anywhere” mentality. Furthermore, I found a very standardized offer with little customization. I was about to give up the whole project, when I finally met on my way Scent Company Italy. And this time it was a totally different path.

Scent Company had a different setting that I had not yet met. The quality of the fragrance and its personalization were the most important thing and the basis for starting any project. Scents seemed different as well. I had several Skype calls with Valeria from Scent Company and I tried to explain her how we had worked previously with scent marketing products and I still remember clearly when she said:

-I can assure you that you would not find that in our products.

So this was really something else. I knew I had to follow up on this and go to Italy.

On my visit to the Scent Company head office in Italy I met Valeria and Paolo the CEO of the company. Very nice people, with a relaxed but very professional way of doing business. I was talking to Paolo about my former experiences regarding the scent business, and he just said:

-You can’t compare.

I went on about my experiences and Paolo said again but with a more firmer voice.

-You can’t compare.

It was when I finally got to smell the quality of the perfumes I really understood what he mean. I can’t compare. This was something else. Something so far from what I previously experienced. And this was the key to access the type of experience I wanted to offer my customers and to make a difference in the Swedish market. Creating the unique scent of a brand was so genius and absolutely true to what my clients wanted and needed. The experience with Scent Company was so positive and above expectations that me and my partner are now running a separate company fully dedicated to Scent Company.

What Swedish customers are most fascinated by when you present them a potential olfactory branding project?

Each sector is different with needs and demands that change continuously. The sectors that are most attracted and intrigued by the olfactory branding sector are hotels and retail stores.

What do you love most about the world of perfumes?

The thing that fascinates me most about a scent or smell is its ability to bring out an olfactory memory and make you revive an experience of the past that is full of emotions.

Which is your first olfactory memory?

My first experience was when I had my first meeting with the first supplier of scent. He showed me two fragrances. Flower shop and cheesecake. The fragrance was kind of cool I thought, but it just does’nt  work as it’s a gimmick, and no company really cares about it in the end.

Is there a smell you cannot live without?

Fresh air.

Is there a place in the world that you particularly like the smell of?

I feel it’s more like the scent is connected to a certain area. Some places has a really good scent connected to what you see and hear in that particular place at that time.

If you had to describe Sweden with an odor, what would it be?

Fresh air.

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