The Olfactory Journey of SKP Beijing and Xi’an

In March 2017, our Scent Company’s Marketing & Communication team flew to Paris together with Master Perfumer Sileno Cheloni. They went to meet the General Manager and the creative team of SKP, Asia’s largest premier luxury department stores, China’s stateowned.

SKP’s ultimate goal is to identify itself as one of the top luxury department stores in the world. To do that, in 2013 SKP started a whole renovation of the 7 floors in their department store in Beijing, with the aim to update their brand’s identity, in collaboration with the London-based architecture firm Sybarite.

Afterwards, few months later, they succeeded to build SKP’s second China location in Xi’an, which has been inaugurated with an opening ceremony on the 29th of May 2018. SKP Xi’an is located in what was originally designed to be a convention centre and stands 19 stories tall, up to 10 floors. The façade itself is as big as a small airport with an innovative and visual architecture that brings you inside the iconic SKP world.

Scent Company will be part of the inauguration ceremony organized by the WWD Global Fashion & Beauty Forum, with special speakers like Patrizio Bertelli, Prada, Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, Chloé, Diego della Valle, TOD’S Group, Ma Ke, Wuyong, Caroline Scheufele, Chopard.


The final touch of this huge renovation was the addition, with the support of Scent Company and Sileno Cheloni, of a signature scent made-to-measure for the brand SKP and the design of a tailored olfactory branding project for the two department stores in Beijing and Xi’an.





Scent Company has chosen to collaborate on this important project with Sileno Cheloni, a visionary perfumer with his laboratory in the heart of Firenze. Scent Company started to collaborate with Sileno for the olfactory branding project of Gucci.

The Master Perfumer created the Gucci’s wonderful bespoke ambience fragrance, which is today diffused in all its flagships worldwide, through Scent Company professional high-tech aroma diffusers.





You might have noticed that “sensory experience” is the NEW thing. We are going to be engaged, inside retail stores, not only emotionally and on the level of actions but also stimulating our senses. Scent Branding is today an increasingly effective branding tool with the power to reach the hearts of clients.

Scent Company designed for SKP :

1 abstract signature scent which identifies unequivocally SKP world at the entrance of the buildings and

a set of 13 bespoke ambient fragrances to scent the  various floors and the product category areas, according to the type of products displayed, the emotion and the commercial message to be transmitted.

The olfactory branding project has been conceived

as an olfactory journey


accompanying the visitor with a coherent and harmonious set of olfactive stimuli. Each of the 13 ambient fragrances diffused in the different floors contain at least a component which forms the first scent (the signature scent of SKP brand) diffused at the entrance of the building, in the private areas and lifts.


SKP signature scent is the interpretation of an artist, a masterpiece, a full multi-sensory experience using the sky as the limit imagination, the soul of SKP Beijing and Xi’an Department Stores. We captured the essence of the brand and transformed it into invisible emotions and dreams.

The scent is an abstract intriguing fragrance, rich in nuances and is free from any associations. People cannot associate SKP signature scent with any other fragrance or experience so far.

A fragrance which has been never felt before and the olfactory experience inside the department stores create an anchor in the emotional and psychological world of people. A blissful and familiar anchor wherever in the world you may be.

SKP Signature scent contains elements that recall ancient times and the history of China, woody notes with elements of roots, blending with components that recall the concept of novelty and innovation. This is to express the imagination of a country and a brand (SKP) that are projected towards future. In the creation of this ambient fragrance, we were inspired by the history, the culinary traditions of China and the Chinese taste. We have finally projected the history to the future.



SKP signature scent and all other single custom ambient fragrances of the different floors and category products areas are diffused through hidden high-tech scent diffusers with an exclusive technology made by Scent Company.


The SKP Signature Scent is only associated to the olfactory experience inside the luxury department store and can be used to create a scented collections, scented marketing material, gadgets, cards, bags to be sold or to be gifted.

All this scented material will remind unequivocally the guests of the shopping luxury experience inside SKP and the related emotions of the olfactory experience.


Scent really changes the experience in the department stores, enhances all other interior design elements of the buildings and creates a strong brand identity.

The tailored olfactory branding project designed by Scent Company allows the brand SKP to express or communicate itself through another medium (the sense of smell) and to complete the branding message the moment clients enter in the department stores.

The quintessence of luxury is to combine the brand’s image, a custom signature scent diffused in the department store and other in-store multi-sensory experiences. The message, more or less, sounds like this: if you can make customers spend more pleasant time in the department store space, they are likely to spend more money and identify themselves in a world that they adore, and which reflects their style and dreams. A guarantee of sweetness and strong emotions.

Some pictures of the inauguration ceremony

of SKP Xi’an on 29th May 2018

























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