How to stand out from the crowd? Designing more “Sensorial” Hotel Experiences

Only recently, in the new millennium, companies are actively looking at the “sensory aspects” of their products and services. The more firms create, accentuate, or highlight the “sensuality” of their products and experiences, the more these products and experiences are appealing for clients, engage their senses and affect their behavior.

Our senses being primal, affect us in ways we had never imagined. We react immediately and subconsciously to them.

One classic example of a sensory signature is Tiffany Blue, the shade of light blue that can be found in many of the products made by Tiffany & Co., the New York jewelry company. Though Tiffany Blue is not usually the primary color in the company’s products, it is almost always present in some form, whether as an accent, a background, or an element interwoven in the design. While Tiffany Blue was certainly not developed with sensory marketing in mind, it has proven to be one of the most prevalent and recognizable sensory signatures to date.

Within the many tools that sensory marketing can give us, Scent Company takes care of the part dedicated to the olfactory sensation which, like the Tiffany Blue, can be tied unequivocally to a particular brand or brand experience.

    • Can Hotel experiences be designed more sensorially so that they stand out from others?

  • Can sensory properties of an Hotel experience be enhanced to make it more memorable?

Let’s discover together the experience of the Group of 5-star hotels The Dedica Anthology, which has introduced inside its structures the diffusion in the environment of a tailor-made ambient fragrance that guests unequivocally associate to the brand and to the experience lived during their stay.


Scent Company has been engaged with the Italian hotels of the Group The Dedica Anthology: Palazzo Gaddi Firenze, Palazzo Naiadi Roma, Palazzo Matteotti Milano and Grand Hotel dei Dogi Venezia. The hotel chain has other destinations abroad.

The heart of the olfactory branding project of the group of Hotels is an imprinting tailored signature fragrance which it is both chypré, musky and amber.

It is so gratifying and immensely pleasant to immerse oneself in a citrus cloud and to imagine the white flowers of orange and lemon trees and finally the freshly picked and sliced bergamot fruits. Can you feel the energizing breeze that surrounds and inebriates you with flashes of images?

But there’s more! A sweet and reassuring heart then welcomes you with nuances of vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli and closes in the long lasting notes of white musk and amber.

The signature scent has been uniquely created for the brand and is diffused at the entrance of the hotels through professional and hidden scent diffusers, in order to welcome guests immediately at their arrival with an imprinting fragrance. The ambient scent is diffused as well in other strategic areas of the structures in order to design an olfactory journey that accompanies guests during their staying in hotel.

Make the Hotel bedroom a restful environment with The Dedica Athology Good Night’s Sleep Mist

The chained-brand hotels decided to go beyond the olfactory branding project and to create with Scent Company a delicate Good Night’s Sleep Mist, each guest can find in his room.

This specially formulated elixir contains a secret blend of lavender, known for its therapeutic and sleep-promoting properties.

Lightly spritz on your pillow and bedding and around your room at bedtime and breathe in the soothing aroma of English Lavender as you drift off for a restful night’s sleep.

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