The scent of the avant-garde in the SKP South in Beijing

Like an old photo or an image, also a perfume has the power to bring to mind a memory or an emotion and to arouse feelings without even realizing it.

Have you ever thought you could impact your customers’ memories?

With a perfume you can tell who you are and what you want to convey. For this reason, it’s important to create the perfect fragrance to express your brand in the best way.

SKP South is one of China’s leading luxury malls and has chosen Scent Company as their partner to unlock the potential of the fragrance language to reach its target. The aim was to recreate the perfect atmosphere in its spaces, to spread special vibes in line with SKP South key brand values: innovation, minimalism but also avant-garde, and street style, all the ingredients loved by Millennials and Gen-.Z.

What are the other values of SKP South?

SKP believes in transmitting the cultural value of fashion, seeking the best in life, leading the way to progress, being proud of China and be open to the world.

SKP South is the result of a collaboration between SKP, Gentle Monster, Sybarite with large areas of the store dedicated to art installations and non-retail spaces. It’s an incubator environment for luxury brands to experiment and explore future versions of themselves in a special designed mall. Indeed, each floor of the building has a distinctly different eco-system and it will be a retail experience unlike any other.

How did we collaborate with SKP South?

For this special project, we have created sixnew exclusive ambient scents composed with the rarest and most precious natural ingredients from all over the world, harnessing the purest energy levels to create true signature scents. We worked on creating an olfactory journey that the SKP South customers can follow on all the three floors. Like in a matryoshka doll, the scents are the  reflection of the fundamental energies that influence the cosmos and our life, in order to infuse harmony, which is the true source of beauty.

Through this journey, the customer will remember a mix of impressive images and olfactory sensations when visiting SKP South. This is made possible thanks to the innovative architectures, interior design features and ambient fragrances that will indelibly remind them of the shopping experience.

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