Taking part in the TOP Retail Event in Sweden

Scent Company will take part in the E-Commerce + Shop Tech fair which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from the 18th to 19th April 2018.



Joining the fair, you will meet Scent Company’s Distributor in Sweden, AV Project AB and will play an important role in the creative process of designing your future brand signature scent. You will explore the best ways to seamlessly integrate your Signature Scent into your brand environment. Whether that be the installation of scent diffusion technology or a suite of bespoke scented products such as scented candles, rattan sticks diffusers, room & linen sprays and other scented products.



Retailers today are paying ever more attention to scent marketing, due to its indisputable praise at international level, especially in the world of Luxury. Furthermore, nowadays the in-store retail experience is evermore crucial as more and more customers move to online platforms. When they do visit the physical stores, the brand experience needs to be a memorable one.

The scenting of the store induces customers to extend their stay inside the store, to live an experience that leads to a deep engagement with the brand identity, thus creating a lasting bond with the customer that endures also beyond closed doors.

Forge lasting and emotive connections with your clientele and stand apart from the crowd.

“Scent Company was pointed best in show on the commerce exhibition in Stockholm.

By using the best products and presented in a clever way

we managed to attract a large crowd on the show floor.

The Scandinavian market is coming to a great start as the interest

for the Scent Company product is showing a

great flexibility for all types of users”.

– Mr. Robert Bromér




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