For Branding, Luxury Hotels in Zermatt are adopting Signature Scents

Scent marketing is today divided into two main categories: ambient scenting, which fills a space with a pleasant smell; and scent branding, which develops a signature scent specific to a brand, like an olfactory logo.

In the Hospitality field, the expense of developing a Signature Scent tailored to the Luxury Hotel and maintaining the diffusion of the ambient scent in lobbies, corridors, SPA, Fitness Center and Conference Rooms (the rooms are usually scented with branded scented décor and scented in-room amenities) is worthwhile to tie the brand together and give guests another way to remember their stay.

In particular, Olfactory Branding means to experience a one-to one consultation with a Perfumer and create a complitely unique fragrance that is well and truly yours. Some Luxury Hotels in Zermatt have taken their time and we have created for them an ambient fragrance with one-to-one attention.

“A Signature Scent designed for an Hotel

is an invitation to REMEMBER the stay and the experience”

We have intervierwed the Directors of these Hotels in Zermatt which have started their “olfactory journey” with Scent Company and Puriami (Scent Company exsclusive distributor for the Swiss Market).


INTERVIEW TO Paul-Marc Julen, owner and director

Romantik Hotel Julen in Zermatt

“We decided to use the persuasiveness of fragrances and to equip our hotel with different ambient scents. We have chosen three different scents to accompany our guests during their stay, making their journey an unforgettable olfactory experience.

At the entrance area the guest is immersed in a refreshing citrus cloud. The fitness area is surrounded by a flowery freshness and lets us forget in which room we are at the moment. Thanks to the unique scent of mountain air and herbs in the indoor pool, guests can indulge in the beautiful idea of bathing in a Swiss mountain lake on a hot summer’s day”.


INTERVIEW TO Martin Perren, owner and director

The SPA of the Unique Hotel Post in Zermatt

“As owner and host of the Unique Hotel Post in Zermatt, I was very positively surprised by the olfactory perception of the fragrance we selected with PURIAMI and Scent Company Italy. The supply air is now provided with our special and unmistakable Unique Hotel Post Signature Scent. When entering the building, the guest immediately knows that he is in the Unique Hotel Post Zermatt and feels accordingly comfortable and homely”.


INTERVIEW TO Thomas Abgottspon, owner and director

“The first impression counts and cannot be repeated. It’s important to us to create a lasting experience for our guests. On the one hand this creates visual and auditory perception, on the other hand olfactory perception cannot be ignored. This is exactly what we want to achieve with a pleasant ambient scent. With the mobile scenting diffusers at the entrance area and the professional scenting devices via our ventilation system, we diffuse a pleasant ambient fragrance throughout our hotel. Our guests are thrilled. »


Zermatt is the capital of the Matterhorn region, with an incredible 38 peaks rising over 4,000m, and home to the highest skiing domain in the Alps. Yielding 365 days of world-class skiing and an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, Zermatt is undeniably one of the world’s more desirable ski resorts.

But this charismatic Swiss village is famed not only for its skiing. Unforgettable gastronomy, an enthralling history, and unsurpassed mountain charm lend multi-facetted appeal to Zermatt making it a truly unique destination. As a car-free village, Zermatt promises unlimited pure mountain air and a simpler, unhurried pace of life.

And then of course, there is the Matterhorn itself. Rising majestically into the sky, this iconic mountain is ever present, though sometimes wrapped in a blanket of cloud. As the light shifts through the day, so too do the breathtaking views. The Matterhorn commands respect and is a constant reminder of the raw power of the mountains. 

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