Are you ready to travel? Exotic Ambient Scents can transport you far away with a whiff

Nothing is more memorable than a perfume or a smell.

A scent can sneak up on you when you least expected, and trigger your memory, evoking events that you thought were far gone like a summer of our childhood, the image of a tropical beach under the moonlight, or a holiday in distant places.

For now, we can only dream of such experiences because travels, especially in exotic areas, are being postponed.

Luckily, for those who are hungry for adventures and discoveries, we have a secret time travel machine: perfumes.

We can rely on our imagination to daydream thanks to the power of fragrances.

We can help the journeys inside our minds by choosing determined scents.

If a beach day at the Bahamas is what you were dreaming of, notes of the sea breeze or tropical fruits, such as mango, would be the perfect combination, or extracts of flowers and musk, amber, tuberose, ylang-ylang, if a day in a botanical garden is what you were looking for.  What about a moment of relax to press pause on a stressful day? Chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and caramel are the olfactory notes to look for.

You see, you can have endless combinations because with a bottle of perfume it’s like having a ticket to your favorite destination at any time of the day and when you most need it.

So, the question is: are you ready to travel?

Let’s see together some of the most interesting ambient fragrances that can transport us far away…

See Breeze/Marine Ambient Fragrance

Marine jus symbolizes purity, just like the sea and the ocean. They remind us of what is essential and to aspire to look for simplicity and transparency in our lives. But, at the same time, it recalls the memory of a holiday, the time spent on the seashore, admiring the sunsets with the sun warming both the skin and the heart.

Ylang Ylang based Ambient Scent, with pink peppercorn, ginger and vetiver

A journey into the warm exotic oceans to discover the mysterious and extravagant Ylang Ylang.  The contrast between the looks of this flower, that are fragile and elegant, with the strength and uniqueness of its scent that relieves tension and imparts joy. Ylang Ylang is an evergreen tree usually located in Southeast Asia, like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Borneo, but also in Madagascar, in the islands of Polynesia, and those of the Indian Ocean (Comoros Islands). It has become essential in the palette of natural raw materials of a Nose.

Here we find magical places that haven’t been spoiled yet but have maintained their integrity and beauty with splendid beaches surrounded by all the coconut, palm, and mango trees that form the backdrop to our precious Ylang Ylang.

Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac that relieves tension and imparts joy.

Tuberose based Ambient Scent with Elemi, Jasmin and Ylang Ylang

Tuberose is a narcotic floral essence. It usually comes from India but today it is also cultivated in France. Tuberose, a white, waxy, insignificant-looking bloom, comes to life after dark, when its heady odor intensifies, earning it the nickname “Mistress of the Night.” Its odor has been compared to that of a well-stocked flower garden at evening’s close. The absolute, with its high intensity, is a rich, brown, viscous liquid with a sweet, heavy, sensuous, almost nauseating scent.

Mango, cedar wood and pepper ambient scent

Mango is like a little vacation in a bottle

Its fragrance is really subtle and fruity, fresh and unsweetened or too sweet. Mango is one of the most famous tropical fruits. It has been cultivated in India since 2000 BC.

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