A new Olfactory Branding Project: our Welcome to Bougeotte

bougeotte-olfactory-branding-fashion-brandScent Company is proud to have started with the Maison Bougeotte a brand new luxury olfactory branding project, with inspired creativity and using exceptional raw materials for a unique, creative and tailored signature scent.

Bougeotte is an Italian-based fashion clothing luxury brand and a company oriented towards developing a new concept of individuality and uniqueness.

Its Collections are completely manufactured in selected Italian laboratories, with always new interesting and durable materials, the ultimate silks, cashmeres, exotic leather or the finest fabrics. The Bougeotte woman is special for her way of seeing life, yet her style is always impeccable and she never stops striving for depth and unconditional quality. The Luxury brand has chosen a bee as its logo – to symbolize creativity and life.

At Scent Company, we have a “Luxury Tailored Fragrance First ” philosophy: we are deeply committed to making ambient fragrances of the finest quality, that reflect the identity of the customer and of the brand and make connections to the places to be scented.

bougeottebvTaking inspiration from Bougeotte’s brand identity, we have projected a memorable and meaningful sensory experience with a magical blend of sophisticated and quite unusual ingredients and notes.

A very intense scent with notes of tabac a pipe, poudre d’orient, tobacco and oriental heart notes like Violet, Caramel, Sandalwood, Honey, Precious Wood, Patchouli. The result is a seductive and enveloping aroma, an explosion of intense colours in an unusual and creative atmosphere.

Bougeotte signature scent, designed by Scent Company, is incorporated in a gorgeous fragranced candle and a room & linen spray.

Find out more at Bougeotte Instagram profile @ff_bougeottebougeotte-parfum-ambient-scent

 Find out more at Bougeotte Instagram profile @ff_bougeotte


 Find out more at Bougeotte Instagram profile @ff_bougeotte


Looking for an exclusive scent and an olfactory branding project? Scent Company fragrance designers and skilled artisans can create a unique olfactive experience for your brand.

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