Discover why every entrance to a house or a business environment should welcome with an initial citrus scent

Even the world of fragrances has its classics. There are bouquets or base notes that belong to a season or to a certain period of the year, for reasons of sensorial affinity or for functionality. This is why it exists the correspondence between summer and citrus aromas.

The freshness of fruits like lemon, orange, bergamot and so on is able to energize the hottest days, giving back an almost electrifying charge. They have always been the perfect combination for the summer season.

This is the reason why, for the summer, we have designed for the Scent Company Milano collection, a fragrance – Verveine The, Note III – which is characterized mainly by the olfactory notes of Bergamot of Calabria, Verbena of Vietnam, Lemon of Sicily, Orange of Brazil and Grapefruit of California, mixed with a bouquet of various floral notes and white musk.

This is a delicate jus, the result of waits and craftsmanship, extremely bright and sunny, summery reminiscent of a gentle sea breeze or a hot day of mid-August or a real morning walk in the Italian hills or overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Every entrance to a house or a shop, a hotel or a wellness clinic should welcome with an initially citrus scent because it is light, friendly and reassuring, facilitates the creation of harmonious contexts and completes the sense of hospitality.




  • In particular, the orange essence helps create a solar, reassuring, confident environment and it is recommended in workplaces such as banks or insurance agencies.
  • Halfway between a bitter orange and a lemon, bergamot is part of the traditional culture of southern Italy, in particular of a specific area of Calabria, around Villa San Giovanni. It has an extremely rich, sweet lemon-orange scent that evolves into a more floral, freesialike scent, ending in a herbaceous-balsamic dryout.

  • Lemon is a cross between fruit and spice. When you pick it up, it’s light as air. When you smell it, it reveals a unique fragrance. Still, many people find the smell of lemon refreshing and clarifying.
  • Grapefruit oil is a relatively new essence, because the grapefruit itself has been in existence for only the past four hundred years, and until the beginning of the twentieth century it was a rarity.

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