Heaven has a Perfume. Gardenia.

Gardenia’s flowers start to smoothen and make sweeter our days with the beginning of the spring season, as a final goodbye to the darkest and most nostalgic time of the year, winter.

Thanks to the blossom of its candid flowers, anyone can experience the pleasure of smelling its delicate scent and find a way out from those stressful thoughts that usually appear during cold days.

The Gardenia has a relaxing power that has a cathartic and therapeutic function.

Its numerous layers of petals make this flower extremely complex and attractive at the same time, and its audience can’t control the impulse of admiring the show.

On which occasions can we use this delicate pearl to enlighten the room?

The Gardenia’s delicate and floral scent has the power, thanks to its versatility, to create the perfect atmosphere for both joyful events full of life and entertainment, as weddings, but also for more private moments of reflection with one’s self.

It is easy to spot in brides’ bouquets, not only thanks to its heavenly fragrance but, also for the meaning that’s hidden between these precious gems.

Love, purity, and trust, three key concepts that have chosen this flower as their guardian.

It is also known as the Jasmin of Malabar because of its Asian origin; it was first taken to the occident more than 300 years ago and since then it has never left this part of the world. How could one get away from such a smooth scent once it has entered one’s life? It is not a surprise if states as Pakistan have chosen this treasure as a symbol for their country and heritage.

Unfortunately, the essential oil is extremely rare because of the great number of flowers needed to have enough of it to produce lotions or scents, for this reason, any perfume that has Gardenia as an ingredient is valuable and precious.  So, all we can do is appreciate the delicateness of this flower anytime we are lucky enough to encounter it.

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