Celebrate Perfume as an Artistic Excellence

For Italians, beauty has a value that goes far beyond just the aesthetic sense.  It is an indissoluble part of their identity. It is history, culture and territory, but also scientific research and cutting-edge technology, product quality and design creativity.

Beauty is not only the product of the look but it expresses itself in more impalpable forms, like Perfume.

Scent Company wants to celebrate perfume not just as a fragrance, that emanates unique and exciting olfactory memories, but also as a sector of artistic excellence rich in culture and Italian know-how.

Perfume is in our DNA

Italy is the home of modern perfumery, thanks to its famous speziali, who created perfumed blends and ointments for the noble and powerful people of the ancient time.

In the middle of the Renaissance, Firenze and other Italian cities were the centre of art and of refined wealth that can be enjoyed in everything, in private paintings and chapels, in fabrics and garments, in homes and furnishings, in food and in perfumes.

Extraordinary Italian cities where stories and lives of artists and historical figures have met and overlaid for centuries, leaving a fascinating heritage of smells and emotions.

Perfume: the Elixir of Life

Perfume could not have taken shape without alchemy, the ancient art that undertook to convert raw matter, through a series of transformations, into a perfect and purified form. Often referred to as the “divine” or “sacred” art, alchemy has complex and deep roots that reach back to ancient China, India, and Egypt, but it came into its own in medieval Europe and flourished well into the seventeenth century.

Scent Company, though the prestigious Noses it collaborates with, is constantly looking for rare and precious materials and travels to those places where Egyptians used fragrant blends for bodily adornment, curative purposes and religious ceremonies; where first myrrh seedlings where planted or where wealthy Romans used to cover themselves in rose petals.

Like an ancient alchemist, we extract the life spirit of these precious fragrant materials and then reunites matter and spirit in a transformed state, a miraculous entity known as the Elixir of Life.


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