Make your store experience memorable through all five senses

The store still has a crucial role.

More than before, the store is the reference “touch-point” of the brand.

The current medical emergency that we are living has given the final push to concept stores, sellers and e-commerce to enter a new era. The customer experience provided while shopping has as much importance as the purchase itself, especially in Italy and Europe.

While and after the lockdown phase, luxury shops got quickly back on their feet and reacted to the situation. They developed digital services to shop online on various platforms and, at the same time, they improved the in-store experience.

Important brands added, for example, a digital stylist or personal shopper that customers can book online to receive professional advice, the same way they would in person. Another service provided by luxury shops is a video call with a personal concierge and the chance of trying on your favorite items in the comfort of your home, thanks to the delivery option. People are now more concerned about the quality of clothing they are purchasing, they are buying less and paying more attention to the details: the very best of materials and an everlasting minimal style. 

It has become undeniable that shopping in the future will have to be on multichannel, but the time has already come. Modern customers demand an experience that can be both online and in-person, there’s a need to combine these two dimensions. A client can fall in love with a clothing piece with just a Google search, but may still need to check it out at the closest available store to refine the overall outfit with a selection of accessories and make it look even better.

This new shopping experience is made to satisfy every individual and create the best experience possible, with services that are diverse and available online as well.

The store still has a crucial role.

More than before, the store is the reference “touch-point” of the brand.

It isn’t just a place to purchase your favorite pieces but the right environment to tune in the brand, where you can touch, see with your own eyes, stimulate your senses, and interact with the space around you.

The store will never stop being a crucial meeting point, an open space where one can cultivate passions and focus on local customers rather than tourists.

Shops keep evolving and adapting to customers’ needs. Some of them have set up a ramp for skateboarding where kids can enjoy themselves, others provide a selection of books and magazines, many have expanded into the pedestrian area with tables and beautiful flowers.

Finally, some have emphasized the importance of the involvement of all the senses to make the store experience memorable and full of emotions.


Companies want to be authentic.

They understand the need for an audience to get excited about the stimulation of emotions.

To do so, there is no better way than through the invisible veil of perfume to tell the story behind the brand.


Whenever we experience a perfume, we begin an inner journey.

The world of perfumes is extraordinary with its infinite qualities. It remains hidden, but it’s always present in everyday life’ it inebriates us, it excites us, it takes us back in time through the olfactory memory, it triggers unconsciously emotions making us remember moments of our lives, people, things, and events.

A perfume excites us and becomes part of us without asking permission, unleashing inner pleasures, and vibrations that are part of real life.

Now more than ever we need to feel connected to our daily life and to our five senses.

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