Is there a scent that reminds you of Summer?

What are the memories of Summer?

Waves, dips, sun, salt but also the vivid colors of the summer fruits, the aromatic plants, the woven straw bag, the Havaianas flip-flops, the shell in memory of the holiday, the spicy southern peppers, the geraniums on the balconies , the pomegranate flowers.

We prepare the suitcase, ready to leave in the company of a set of images, smells and sensations that remind us of Summer.

Is there a scent that reminds you of Summer ?

When we think of the typical smells of an Italian Summer, the brain begins to process data and an endless series of images, smells and sensations explode in a multitude of flashes.

The smell of mint streaked in the hands, the smell of rosemary, sage, thyme and verbena that intoxicates you during the evening watering in a typically Italian garden. Not to mention the basil that smells so intensely by just removing a leaf from the plant. The smell of a freshly picked raspberry, a blackberry among brambles, apricots on the branches, medlar and purple and yellow plums. The smell of your drink with lime and mint.

Have you ever held a chilli pepper from the south of Italy as soon as it was picked and smelled its intense smell? At the same time, have you ever immersed yourself in a garden of lemon or bergamot trees?

Perhaps the image and the feeling that is closest to our heart, regarding Italian summer, is an evening illuminated by the stars and the full moon, in a garden of aromatic plants and fruits of all kinds, the cicadas that still sing for the great heat and the first fireflies that appear to illuminate our hearts.

The images of an Italian Summer

The whole world passes through Italy. From Capri to Venice, from Taormina and the Amalfi Coast. Jet setters, Hollywood stars, princesses of glamour and rock stars. A never-ending  love fever that leads travelers  to the most famous places, as guests of prestigious structures, rich in history, natural beauty and innate elegance.

True luxury can be imagined with the heart, it does not lay in the gold leaf decoration, in the infinity pools or in the latest luxury design. But it turns out  in the sincere smile of those who take care of you, through cordiality, with the cult of beauty and hospitality that is not only physical but is felt through the emotions and all five senses.

Picture by Gray Malin on CNN
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