The Olfactory Branding of Wine… to satisfy all your senses

It’s the beginning of September and this, for all the wine lovers and makers, means only one thing: the grape harvest.

The magical time of the year when the hard work and sacrifice, made during the year to keep the plants healthy, finally gives its results. The bunches of the fruit start to adorn the green leaves of the vineyards as if they were jewels.

If you have the chance to spend a weekend in the majestic Chianti shire in this period, you’ll be able to satisfy all of your senses at once.  

You start from the sight, with all the different shades of colors that the leaves have in autumn, to the smell thanks to a fine glass of wine in your hands.

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of a just poured glass of wine?

Do you like guessing the various aromas that smell? The fragrance that we perceive from this beverage, once considered godly, is a synonym of pleasure.

Its complexity is due to the several layers, in total three, that wine’s fragrance has. As you take a first hint of the wine, you’ll encounter the primary aromas which are usually linked to the type of vineyard the fruit comes from. It’s typical to smell notes of sage, rose, and several other flowers and fruits that are characteristic of the “aromatic” grapes.

So, from a fruity and floral note, the secondary aromas emerge. In this case, the maker of the wine can choose the preferred fragrance since it’s linked to the winemaking practices as fermentation or, at the beginning of the process, the grape pressing.

Fruity notes remain at the center of attention with hints of apple, melon, and pineapple.

Finally, the tertiary aromas come from the aging process that wine goes through to become its very version of itself. With this last layer, the wine leaves the gentler notes found in the previous layers to land on more savory ones as spices, vanilla, autumn leaves, and old tobacco.

When you start smelling a wine, you never know what journey it can take.

Every bottle is different.  

Every bottle is special because, between all those layers, there is always the chance to be surprised by a secret aroma.

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