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Unforgettable like your hotel experience

Perfume can enhance your guests’ stay experience and meet the expectations of travellers looking for style and authenticity: the future of hospitality belongs to places where atmosphere, design and architecture convey a sense of well-being and offer pleasant multi-sensory experiences.


  • Increases the degree of guest satisfaction
  • Creates a welcoming and familiar atmosphere
  • Offers a 360° olfactory journey
  • Affects the perception of your brand’s quality
  • Generates a pleasant sense of cleanliness

Active services 

  • Diffusion through air conditioning systems
  • Personalised olfactory collections
  • Scented marketing material

A one-to-one appointment

Ask a consultant how to create your olfactory signature and a collection of fragrances that will act as a sensory backdrop for your hotel or wellness centre

A guide to transform your customer's experience

Fragrance diffusers, scented objects, amenities: we have created a guide to show you all the ways to release engaging essences, in the foyer, in the rooms, in the SPA or in the most strategic areas for you.

A thousand ways to make you recognisable and memorable

Multi-sensoriality will determine the fate of hospitality. That’s why we often talk about how to enrich your hospitality marketing strategy thanks to the use of olfactory branding: here we propose the best ideas, the most useful tips and the stories behind our case studies.

In our DNA The same desire to excel as our customers

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