Imagine maintenance and refills

Continuity and precisionare indispensable elements for success

For this reason, we focus on professional maintenance services for our fragrance systems and refills of your olfactory logo. We schedule periodic checks to make sure that fragrance diffusion is always optimal and we also schedule periodic refills of your fragrance diffusers. We offer a complete service so you can completely forget about the little details while enjoying the extraordinary results of olfactory branding. 

Custom-made solutions
Specialised technicians
International network
24/7 Availability
Remote monitoring
Spare parts management
Scheduled refills
Certified quality

A network of trusted partners

The language of perfumes knows no bounds and speaks every language: yet, every place has a different relationship with the concept of smell, due to cultural and environmental factors that influence perceptions.

An international network and a background of olfactory branding experience from across the globe allows us to fully understand the needs of each individual project, wherever it comes into being.

Thanks to the network of technicians and specialised distributors that we have built over the years, we are able to monitor your systems and guarantee assistance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, taking prompt and professional action wherever it is required. The most advanced communication and remote control technologies for installations allow for a global service.


Made in Italy olfactory identity, since 2002

Scent Company is a leading company in the field of olfactory branding: we were the first in Italy to explore its infinite opportunities and, still today, we are always one step ahead.

Creativity and technology Perfectly balanced within your spaces

The 24/7 availability of our technicians around the world allows your brand to count on a clear and constant olfactory signature, at all times.

Communicate without stress Plan your creative project, then leave it to us

Our diffusion systems allow retail planners to align the communication approach with the brand identity and then rely on Scent’s professional management to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Insights and applicationsOne language, infinite possibilities

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