Imagine fragrance production

The path from the raw material to the drop of perfume

Since ancient times, man has attempted to crystallise emotions in the most diverse forms of art, using the five senses as the key to conjure them: fragrance creation is the closest approximation of this result. Your tailor-made fragrances are born out of the encounter between the craftsmanship of the most expert “noses” and advanced production processes, capable of extrapolating the essence of the finest raw materials and giving life to olfactory pyramids of perfect harmony.

  • Receipt and analysis of raw materialsThe raw materials we use in the manufacture of our fragrances are sampled by quality control technicians, to be olfactively checked and analysed.
  • Preparation of the perfume’s baseThe raw materials that become part of the perfume’s base are selected through meticulous procedures, but not just that: our suppliers are evaluated and approved every year, to guarantee consistently high quality.
  • Maceration In order to develop all of its notes, a fragrance is left to macerate for a few weeks. This process ensures that the different ingredients present in the product can blend harmoniously with each other, creating a structured and high-quality fragrance.
  • Validation of the finished product There are two validation procedures. The first is the olfactory validation, carried out by the olfactory manager of the finished products. By contrast, the second is analytical validation: the quality control manager carries this out by checking the density of the resultant product.

Express your brand values with a customised fragrance

Stand out from competitors

Capture the attention of your customers

Build loyaltyamong your audience

Far-reaching expertise and Made in Italy professionalism

Scent Company collaborates with one of the best environmental fragrance laboratories in Grasse and with prestigious Italian and French “noses”. We create your environmental fragrances by mixing over 2000 different essences: if you consider that the best musical works are the combination of only 7 notes, the level of customisation we are able to achieve is almost infinite.

Scent company

Our fragrances are hypoallergenic, and supplied with their associated material safety data sheet (MSDS) registered with the Italian Ministry of Health and compliant with VOC and IFRA regulations.

In our DNA The same desire to excel as our customers

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