Get inspired by Food & Beverage

Gourmand fragrancesto bring you closer to the food experience

Cafes, restaurants and F&B spaces have the innate gift of stimulating the senses and the addition of a targeted olfactory identity allows for a 360° experience. The gourmand fragrances act as portals to little fragments of memory, made up of reassuring notes and sweet souvenirs.


  • Find your olfactory dimension
  • Link your food offer to the emotional sphere
  • Think beyond the simple sense of taste
  • Associate your venue with comforting memories
  • Seduce with fragrances that recall tastes and flavours

Active services 

  • Professional diffusion systems
  • Personalised olfactory collections
  • Scented marketing materials

Contact a Scent Company consultant

Design your original olfactory identity for your bar, restaurant, coffee shop or club, so that it has exactly the mood you want.

A guideto transform your customer's experience

Discover the technologies and solutions that allow you to diffuse the olfactory signature that you have identified as representative for your brand in your premises: you can use professional diffusers or incorporate the perfume into exclusive olfactory collections.

A thousand ways to make you recognisable and memorable

The sense of smell magically transports us to unexplored corners of the unconscious, but its association with the strong stimuli of taste generates overwhelming sensory experiences. Browsing through our articles reveals all the ways to exploit this magic.

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