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Sensorial shopping Beyond the concept of purchase

The new shopping experience sees the stores as a multi-channel contact point, where the customer can see, touch, hear and smell the brand, interacting with the space and playing with their senses. Olfactory scenography plays a crucial role in a new era suspended between the real and the virtual.


  • Make your in-store experience memorable
  • Encourage customers to stay in your space for longer
  • Create lasting memories related to your brand
  • Invite customers to purchase with genuine olfactory scenography
  • Increase the productivity and energy levels of your staff

Active services

  • Diffusion of the olfactory signature through professional diffusers
  • Personalised olfactory collections
  • Scented marketing material

Create your olfactory identity with us

Scent Company consultants can manage olfactory branding projects for concept stores, shopping centres and retail outlets in the most diverse segments.

A guide to transform your customer's experience

The use of olfactory marketing today involves companies active in the realm of fashion, as well as the sectors of technology, jewellery, interior design, sporting goods, Food & Beverage and more. Find out how you can apply successful ideas to your specific case.

A thousand ways to make you recognisable and memorable

In a world dominated by digital, is it still worth investing in physical stores? Absolutely yes, since we are human beings and our strongest emotions develop in the real world. Here, we reveal all the secrets of olfactory branding, effectively applied to the broad retail sector.

In our DNA The same desire to excel as our customers

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