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Olfactory masterpieces Made to measure for you

A private-label project allows you to infuse the intuition and creativity of our fragrances with the unmistakable character of your brand. The fragrances that come to life from the mastery of the best “noses” and the expertise of our Fragrance Specialists can cover an infinite variety of sensory nuances: find the one that best suits the experience you want to convey and build your personal olfactory collection with us. We can design it, develop it, produce it and then wrap it in packaging that mirrors your message.


We listen to you: tell us how you imagine talking to your customers through small aromatic objects that tell your story.


We align your identity, your fragrance and your packaging so that they move in unison, like in a symphony.


We create your 100% Made in Italy customised fragrance alongside an olfactory collection that redefines the style of your spaces.

The detailsthat make a place authentic

Light, fabrics, materials, spaces and colours: to set your spaces apart amongst millions, we must also think of their scent. With our home fragrances with a timeless design, you can decorate with scented candles, sprays to be misted in the air or on fabrics and rattan stick diffusers. Capture the essence of your brand and release it in waves of emotion.

The nuances that tell endless stories

The most emotional fragrances can also warm up the personality of accessories and beauty products: combine your exclusive fragrance with cosmetic lines, such as body creams, scented sprays, or with gadgets scented with your essence. Small gems that reveal the existence of hidden worlds, made of fleeting but incredible sensations.

The art of doing and the art of dreaming

Made in Italy is when the most brilliant creativity meets enviable craftsmanship: Italian savoir-faire, full of inspiration and elegance, has gifted the world with the most eternal representations of beauty for centuries. Our passion for the well-made is a tradition with ancient origins, as spontaneous as it is inimitable.

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