Be amazed by the Experimental Hub

A space suspended in time where the senses reign supreme

The Experimental Hub is the ideal space to learn the art of fragrance and let the rational mind give way to new multi-sensory experiments. Close your eyes and follow your sense of smell on an adventurous journey through the most intimate part of you: your emotions.

“Of all of our senses, smell is the oldest: the notes of a fragrance that resonate with our spirit are enough to release memories frozen in time or to unleash never-before-experienced sensations.”


Positive fusions when training meets ultra professionalism

The academic world, too, is approaching olfactory branding: in partnership with prestigious universities in Italy and abroad, we have made our contribution to excellent training courses, with a focus on the potential of multi-sensory marketing and its applications to different business sectors.

The daydream that is Made in Italy

Aesthetics, authenticity, local excellence and innovation are just some of the concepts that are linked to Italian craftsmanship: all the beauty and inventiveness that have always set apart 100% Made in Italy creations reverberate in our fragrances.

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A microcosmthat's constantly evolving

For you, we gather the best insights, stories and stimuli from the world of olfactory branding, to tease your mind and senses.

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