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Olfactory branding fluidly adapts to any business

Perfume knows incredibly effective shortcuts to get to the heart of our senses and ignite our emotions in unexpected and often amazing ways. Smells have the power to influence states of mind and purchasing choices: this is why many companies today use the seductive eloquence of fragrances to create environments with a strong sensorial connotation and boost the effectiveness of their messages.

In the construction of emotionally persuasive spaces, the great luxury brands rely on the most direct and elusive perceptual channel: the sense of smell. An infallible strategy to open direct routes into the psyche, beyond words and beyond the rational will.

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A dedicated consultant can show you how to apply the most innovative multi-sensory languages to your environments: discover the new frontier of marketing.

Convince and conquer Thanks to the captivating strength of olfactory branding

In addition to the search for usefulness and benefit, consumer behaviours are imperceptibly conditioned by the persuasive force of multi-sensory stimuli: two-thirds of them decide on the basis of the mix of subjective sensations experienced at the time of purchase.

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