Imagine fragrance diffusion through your environments

Experience the power of your sensory communication throughout your space

State-of-the-art diffusion technologies

A true sensory revolution also involves the design of effective olfactory scenographies, able to spread your fragrance evenly in the space to be perfumed.

Indeed, even the most multifaceted and stimulating olfactory pyramid needs the support of professional diffusion systems to find its maximum expression and reach the senses in a harmonious and continuous way.

Scent Company not only guides you in the personalisation of your olfactory identity, but also in the study and implementation of the best diffusion methods: by analysing the architectural characteristics of your rooms, we can identify the most functional solution, choosing between exposed, wall or concealed installation, which can be connected to your AHU systems and controlled remotely or managed via the app.

Ad hoc installations for your project 

Our twenty years of experience allows us to support you in your olfactory branding project however it evolves. Indeed, we can work on existing spaces, or integrate ourselves into the design of the environment to be perfumed from the first steps of the process, working on a par with architects and designers.

Scent diffusers can be camouflaged or highlighted to enhance their design to the maximum. Scent Company supports its customers all over the world: from the design phase to the technical installation of the systems, and also assists you with a scheduled monitoring, maintenance and refill program to put your mind at ease. Design your environment and simply enjoy the pleasure of your new olfactory identity.


Monitor your diffusion system

In real time, an integrated GPRS system allows us to remotely manage Scent diffusers through our platform: wherever you are, you can make sure that those who enter your premises have the best possible experience of your brand.

In our DNA The same desire to excel as our customers

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