Get inspired by Residential complexes

Your premises can be perfumed with pure charm

A luxury residential complex is a sophisticated combination of elements in which architectural details, furnishings and ambiences exude elegance and comfort. Conceiving and distilling a bespoke olfactory signature welcomes tenants and visitors into an oasis of unparalleled uniqueness. 


  • Tune in to the channel of emotions
  • Invite guests into spaces replete with charm
  • Reach the deepest parts of consciousness
  • Complete your project with originality
  • Enrich the spaces with a precise olfactory note

Active services

  • Professional diffusion systems

  • Olfactory collections and amenities for apartments

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A guide to transform your customer's experience

To offer distinctive associations to your residential complex, you can choose to install professional diffusers in the foyer, in the elevator areas or in the individual housing units, or you can incorporate your fragrance into special olfactory collections. Discover all the branding strategies you can adopt.

A thousand ways to make you recognisable and memorable

Residential complexes or single apartments, too, can be the perfect example to illustrate the power of sensory marketing. In our news section, we talk about the invisible power of fragrances and their appeal to people interested in living in your prestigious homes. 

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