Discover the olfactory logo

A new perspective on your brand's personality

The creation of an olfactory signature is a process inspired by the ancient art of alchemy, combining the craftsmanship of master perfumers with the most innovative sensory marketing concepts. Its purpose is to enrich your brand identity with intangible sensations, expectations and associations, which set it apart from the competition and build inseparable relationships with your target audience. Your fragrance tells a unique story, made of volatile top notes, voluptuous heart notes and persistent base notes: an intertwining of perceptions that cannot leave you indifferent. 


A fragrance is an instant of pleasant irrationality: beyond space and time, tapping into the deepest instincts

The sense of smell Pure science melded with a touch of mystery

The potential of scent and the effectiveness of fragrance as a branding tool have been documented in numerous scientific studies, which illustrate how olfactory branding can become an asset for companies that embrace it and implement it in their physical spaces and in their commercial relationships. Why describe yourself with a fragrance?

Expand reality Thanks to sophisticated, made-to-measure fragrances

Complete your customers’ multi-sensory experiences in your spaces. Not only through emotional communication, but also by offering refined sensory stimuli capable of creating direct and unstoppable pathways straight into the psyche. Imagination and dreams will be your allies. 

We instil charm into the most diverse business sectors

“Create a space your customers want to come back to, thanks to that inexplicable emotion that titillated their mind”

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