Brand identity and scent Why define yourself through an essence?

Immersive and multi-sensory experiences offer brands new avenues to create connections and amplify their message by engaging the five senses. Smell represents the most direct channel towards the psyche: strongly evocative, fragrance is able to escape the rules of reason, becoming a powerful communicative language. Olfactory branding harnesses the emotional weight of fragrances, rendering your identity enchanting, convincing and incredibly persuasive.

“The olfactory logo tells an intangible story and creates an emotional oasis in which to welcome your audience. Making your brand unmistakable, even in today’s ocean of sensory stimuli.”

Ask us how to become unforgettable

A Scent expert can show you the potential of olfactory branding and illustrate all the ways in which a customised olfactory signature can become a plus for your brand.   

Flick through the news A selection of information, viewpoints and perspectives on olfactory branding

Find out more about all the occasions in which olfactory branding can be linked to the construction of a brand identity, the development of business projects or sensory marketing strategies in the most diverse fields of application.

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